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    Paint Codes For 1990 Miss Budweiser U1

    We paint the 1to1 Bud hulls White ,Red Gold with DuPont Imron This is from the Newton Marine drawings r
  2. TomGracey

    new gas pipes under construction

    Nice looking pipes
  3. TomGracey

    Phill Thomas Stealth 45

    I control engine temp by controlling the inlet/outlet flow with different size orifices.
  4. TomGracey

    Phill Thomas Stealth 45

    Just had to lightly warm up the front corners with a heat gun to form them to fit the tub then it dropped rite in won't run the full 16 oz.
  5. Picked up a couple of months ago. A Stealth 45, sport 40 hull with Bud style cowl and rear radio box. Really happy with the fit and finish out of the box. 1 thing I really like was the in-depth supplied basic setup manual and all the hardware locations were per-marked and engine mount doubler's and T nuts preinstalled by Phil Spent several days mocking up all the hardware and aligning the strut, staff tube, rudder and turn fin. Finally all the mock-up is finished Time to break it down and prep for Body & Fender work ( not my favorite art of a build) Changed the fuel tank style from Phil's recommendation because it blocked air flow to the the carb.