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  1. RobertDoak

    Cheap Servo from Amazon

    Any time....that's what love about forums....
  2. RobertDoak

    Cheap Servo from Amazon

    Mark... Here is a thought...the USB cable that came with the radio....keep it in your car and plug your radio up after each use or to another power source with a usb outlet...
  3. RobertDoak

    Cheap Servo from Amazon

    I dont have battery issues with the transmitter....my issue is the dry cells I use for the reciever....4 AA cells =6 volts reciever is rated to 6.5 volts...I do use a fair amount of those....I change them like diapers on a baby....just for safety reasons of course..I think I have a battery fobia..I never lost a signal...and never want to...so batteries are cheaper than planes..boats or rc cars
  4. RobertDoak

    Cheap Servo from Amazon

    As far as the flysky comment.... I have been using flysky on very expensive airplanes for some time...and yes the flysky doesn't have all the bells and whistles as the "other" radios have, I will agree...but never had any issues with the radio...I too have the flysky FS it4s with all the telemetry and stuff ....I just didnt spend all the $$$....I spent that I'm servos...hey Mark...I also got the extra battery.....
  5. RobertDoak

    FS K&B 3.5 Gold Carb (SOLD)

    I dont have any outboards that large...3.5 is enough for me.. Payment sent....thanks...
  6. RobertDoak

    FS K&B 3.5 Gold Carb (SOLD)

    Ok...I will pp you..I do nee the p.p. info
  7. RobertDoak

    FS K&B 3.5 Gold Carb (SOLD)

    Cool...did you have a chance to check on the header...also p.p. me your PayPal info...
  8. RobertDoak

    FS K&B 3.5 Gold Carb (SOLD)

    Ron... I'll take it.....20112 zip code.. On a second note..would you happen to have a header pipe for a K&B 3.5 outboard..
  9. RobertDoak


    EBay has one for 159+shipping Red with Budweiser on it
  10. RobertDoak

    Aeromarine Laminates

    If I recall ....didnt the USPS recently jack up the rate quite a bit....
  11. RobertDoak

    Ajustible Canard Wings

    Yea...I realized the overall issue.....after the submit button was pressed...thank you for bringing reality back into check.. It would be cool though to have more aerodynamic control over a boat to avoid the costly mishaps
  12. RobertDoak

    Ajustible Canard Wings

    With having a strong airplane background and tons of experience...movable surfaces on boat should not be any less or more fragile than airplane surfaces at 50+ mph... But defiantly gyro controlled on the rudder or elevator output from the gyro.. And sensativity can be controlled as well...
  13. RobertDoak

    Hydro dipped mono

    just a FYI for all you young bucks....Hydro dipping is not anything new...back in the 1960's i was doing a what is considered "hydro dipping" ....oil based paint in water, then dip your item in and allow to dry, then we played with spray paint in water, same type of system, then we got fancy because of the spray can.. todays hydro dipping is a lot fancier because of the computer designed film sheet, that has an actual image, i never had that option.. guitars are and were a big deal to hydro dip, never the same pattern , have fun and Brad, the boats are awesome....
  14. RobertDoak

    Gas tunnel and the gas national

    Hey Mike.... You going this year....you have that beauty just aching to be run....i can be your pit guy.....
  15. RobertDoak

    Outboard and pipe id

    Joern... How about take the con rod to a local machine shop and have a new bearing made and pressed in... Not a big deal..