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  1. StephenLilly


    Maybe, what pipe is it?
  2. StephenLilly


    Would it work well for a OS .18 tz air cooled engine on rigger?
  3. StephenLilly

    .18 os tz air cooled engine pipe advise

    Ok thank you!
  4. StephenLilly

    .18 os tz air cooled engine pipe advise

    Oh ok, bet that stuff is expensive! I’m just a recreational boater, been getting some good speeds with the 25% torco aero, I’m sure it would scream with high nitro. I’ll consider getting some, thanks.
  5. StephenLilly

    .18 os tz air cooled engine pipe advise

    Thanks Mark, I will let you know. I will be getting another prop from you at some point I’m sure, maybe just ship a pipe with that then. What do you have that you think might work well and how much money would you be asking?
  6. Been using a .12 pro-boat pipe (similar to macs 1110 (.12-.15) in my Jae 12g4 rigger with OS .18 tz power. Is it hurting performance to be for a slightly smaller engine? Interested in a macs pipe 1323 or 1324 for .18-.24 engines if I can find one. When they say lo nitro or high nitro pipe, what’s the difference and I’m assuming 25% is consider lo nitro?
  7. StephenLilly

    O.S. plugs for sale.

    Ok thank you Rudy.
  8. StephenLilly

    O.S. plugs for sale.

    O.S. plugs for sale that I don’t need. 3-A3(#6)plugs 4-#8 plugs 1-#10(A5)plug $5 each shipped to USA only or $30 shipped for all. PayPal only please.
  9. StephenLilly

    Items For Sale

    Thank you Scott.
  10. StephenLilly

    Items For Sale

    Hey Scott interested in your last item available, the macs pipe, but I have a few questions. I also have a 12g4 boat, I run an os 18 tz engine in it, will this pipe work well for it? I currently have the stock pipe from the pro boat miss Budweiser hydro, you may be familiar with it, it looks just like your pipe, it may not be worth getting yours because it will not change anything? I notice Mac makes a .18-.25 pipe and do not know if there is a performance difference or if I should look at those for a testing option instead. Also has your pipe been cut down and what is the length of it (not the header)? Thank you.
  11. StephenLilly

    Are radar guns accurate for boat speed?

    So as a budget boater, I looked at but laughed at the price of the really nice equipment you all recommended. Went with a quanum mini gps data logger, fits perfect, plugs into the Rx extra channel slot and pretty accurate (drove in my car to test accuracy). I think velocity makes a voltron that's very similar. Paid $50 used, exactly what I needed, thanks for everyone's input.
  12. StephenLilly

    WTB Octura 1445 and 1540 s&b

    Ok thanks Mark, I will pm you.
  13. StephenLilly

    Engine temp recommendations please.

    Ok thank you guys for your input and conformation!
  14. Built a 12g4 jae rigger recently (first boat). I've got about a gallon of nitro through it and am nearing the point of wondering how lean it will run but don't won't to over do it. Any guidelines on engine temp ranges that are recommended? The setup is .18 os turbo engine, os p3 turbo plugs, torco 25% nitro 22% lube, 1440 prop. Thank you
  15. StephenLilly

    WTB Octura 1445 and 1540 s&b

    Built a 12g4 jae rigger, running a sholund 1440, runs great, just want to see if it can handle a little more prop! Looking for s&b 1445 and/or 1540, thanks