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  1. MikeMischnick

    Soldering Jig for 1/4" flex cable

    Vary NICE good price!!
  2. MikeMischnick

    CMB Tuned Pipes 45 and 21 (SOLD)

    Hi Ronnie I will take the 21 Pipe. I need your PayPal again please send it First class with tracking. Please let me know how much shipping is. Mike
  3. MikeMischnick

    OPS .21 LS with header.

    That is an I have that pipe on my MAC Motors. They work well. Thanks Neil Mike
  4. MikeMischnick

    OPS .21 LS with header.

    Neil, Do you have the OPS pipe for this motor? Mike
  5. MikeMischnick

    WTB - 1.01 RS piston/sleeves

    Call Stew Bar 317-462-9978
  6. MikeMischnick

    Silent Engines

    RIP Rich, Your pain is over, Mike Mischnick
  7. MikeMischnick

    Paint Scheme For My Gas Boat

    Its done!. I love it. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. Now all I need is the Ice to melt or 3 weeks to Florida. Mike
  8. MikeMischnick

    MPI Fail Safe. (SOLD)

    I will take it. Please ship it with tracking First class Shipping should be $3.50. Please PM me with PayPal info Mike
  9. MikeMischnick

    Paint Scheme For My Gas Boat

    Thank you Grim Mike
  10. Hi everyone, I need some suggestions. I am at a complete loss for a paint scheme for my gas boat. The only difference in the cowling between the side that you see and the other side is there are no cutouts. Obviously I don't need to cut out for the tuned pipe and I'm not going to cut the slits in the front on the other side because that's where the carburetor is. The paint that I'm going to use you can see. It's fluorescent orange and fluorescent green. The boat is currently in primer. I'm thinking the bottom of the boat is going to be white. The deck and the sides I haven't a clue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I want to keep it simple and basic, any paint is coming from the spray can not an airbrush. By the way I'm going to call the boat "The Fluorescent Bullet" By the way the boat is a modified Zipkits EZ Vee. Thanks for your help guys. Mke
  11. MikeMischnick

    Buid a custom metal Gas tank

    You guys are AWSOME thanks for all the help. I have it built. Mike
  12. MikeMischnick


    Its yours. Marry Christmas. PM me your info. It will go out later today or tomorrow. Mike
  13. MikeMischnick


    Hi everyone Merry Christmas, my gift to anyone who wants it is a Spectrum SRS4201 surface radio receiver (With binding plug. The receiver looks brand new.The first one to stand up and say I'll take it gets it. It will come first class mail. I will pick up the tab. for shipping. Once again Merry Christmas to all. Mike
  14. MikeMischnick

    Engine Bearings

    Hi Mike, My bearings arrived in good shape today. Thank you Mike
  15. MikeMischnick

    Buid a custom metal Gas tank

    Thank you Grim Mike