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  1. GeraldClark

    L/F k&b or o.s.3.5 INBOARD

    Reply I have one with an exhaust throttle. Never ran it much take $100.00 for it.
  2. GeraldClark

    SST twin 80

    Who makes the engines?
  3. GeraldClark

    Picco P-80

    The motor is great shape. Bearing feel perfect to me. I am selling all of my nitro stuff to get into gas.
  4. GeraldClark

    Name that Vintage Rigger

    Mike make me an offer and you can have mine. From the pics you see it was never painted.
  5. GeraldClark

    Picco P-80

    Picco P-80 ran good last time I ran it. $150.00 Plus shipping and paypal fees.
  6. GeraldClark

    Name that Vintage Rigger

    Here is the last of my Ninties .21 nitro riggers. The cowl is not in the pic, but someone surely knows what this one is Too easy.
  7. Let me start off by saying this is my first for sale post here. If interested you can check my Trader Rating on RC Groups. This kit is complete never started I did inventory each part by the assembly manual. The hardware set has not been opened. The manual is not shown in the pic, but is still in the box. I never purchased the cowl so it is not included It has been stored in the original shipping box in my bedroom. I just checked Zipp Kits site. The boat kit and hardware sell for $255.00. Asking $200.00. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees.
  8. GeraldClark

    Name that Vintage Rigger

    Steven, I have them somewhere all of this stuff has been put away for a long time. I don't think this boat went to pond more that a half a dozen times. When I first moved to Louisiana I went to Tide Water in Bastrop> I did not find them very friendly. I will let you know when I find all of the stuff.
  9. GeraldClark

    Name that Vintage Rigger

    Steven It is a 21 size.
  10. GeraldClark

    Looking for a gas CAT kit

    I will be purchasing the T44. I have a friend that can help me with the setup. He told me to get it and we will get it going.
  11. GeraldClark

    Name that Vintage Rigger

    Joachim, I bought a semi scale Cat Jessie James From russ. I also built an outboard rigger from Russ's plans never ran it. I think I still have it upstairs in the attic. Thanks fro bringing back my memories.
  12. GeraldClark

    Name that Vintage Rigger

    FSR, thanks for the reply. I do remember is name is Herman. Do you know if he is on Facebook or anyway I could give him a shout? What years was his win in Slovakia?
  13. GeraldClark

    Name that Vintage Rigger

    Patrick and Steven are you maybe interested in one of these?
  14. GeraldClark

    Starting a Boat Club

    Closet Club with water is Orange Texas. I don't think they do a lot of racing though. There was a club in Lake Charles area that was active until early Nineties. I have two other friends that race boats from Sulphur. Just trying to see if there is enough interest to maybe start a club in our area.
  15. GeraldClark

    Name that Vintage Rigger

    Joachim, I think Nugga was his last Name. He lived in a small village near Kaiserslautern. There is no sticker on it this came from a mold he made. I don't know what boat he made the mold from. He told me was his design. When a man is building you a boat for the cost of materials I don't ask too many questions? I think the hull cast me 100 DM in the early nineties.