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  1. Mikemalloy


    Sold. To local club member
  2. Mikemalloy

    Engine Bearings

    Mike, received my bearings today all is good. Thank you..Mike
  3. Mikemalloy

    SOLD Venom Pro Duo Lihv/Lipo ac/dc charger

    I sold locally
  4. Selling a Venom Pro Duo Charger. I have taken out of box load /saved some profiles and have decided I don't need the charger so it needs a new home. In brand new condition in original box Theses are great compact ac/ dc chargers. If you need more pics let me know. $SOLD shipped OBO lower 48 states. PayPal f&f or pay the fee
  5. Mikemalloy

    Engine Bearings

    Funds sent for the bearings. Thank you Mike Betke I saw nothing wrong with the post. This forum is the worst for some members to take a thread twist it how ever they see fit and reword the context in their comment in away that was not intended to make someone else look bad.
  6. Mikemalloy

    Two Sullivan starters for Sale, one with handle

    Kevin, received the Boris starter today all is good Thank you Happy Holidays, Mike
  7. Mikemalloy


    Still available, shoot me an offer.
  8. Mikemalloy

    Scale driver

    Check out enforcerrcboats.com. under the accessories tab they have a couple of driver options. https://enforcerrcboats.com/accessories/cosmetic
  9. Mikemalloy

    Locking On/Off Switch

    Joe they are around 3-4 inches in length
  10. Mikemalloy

    Two Sullivan starters for Sale, one with handle

    Kevin funds Sent for Boris starter, address is in PayPal notes. Thanks Mike
  11. Mikemalloy

    Two Sullivan starters for Sale, one with handle

    If Ron passes I will take the Boris starter, Thanks Mike
  12. Mikemalloy

    Engine Bearings

    Hi Mike I would like 2 of set#3 for CMB ,67, I can send you Paypal just let me know when and where. Thank you,Mike
  13. Mikemalloy

    McCoy #9 plugs

    It's all good Danny. Jim they are yours, I wont really need any until March
  14. Mikemalloy

    McCoy #9 plugs

    Danny interested, what do you have left?
  15. Mikemalloy


    Lowered price, send me an offer. Never been used