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  1. Jimwhyte

    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    Common Gas Scale guys!!! There's myself and Ken Olson so far....This class is a hoot to race in and watch.
  2. Jimwhyte

    R/C Unlimited Gas 1/6 Scale Hydro Builders

    What pipe is that Mike?
  3. Jimwhyte

    Rudder placement

    I have run both and feel no difference. The biggest benefit is the left mount is pull on the pushrod to turn. No bowing or bending of the pushrod is possible.
  4. Jimwhyte

    gas powered 1/8 scales

    Ya I got the sponson and uprights rebuilt, just needs paint. You gonna come race with us next season with RCU? Gas scale is getting better and better...
  5. Jimwhyte

    gas powered 1/8 scales

    I think Gas Scale is BIG n Beautiful...The 1/8 scale boats need to be severly hacked up to shoehorn the big engines in. These pictures prove it, the pipes and carbs are showing.
  6. Jimwhyte

    Rear Exhaust Gas engines

    RCMK K30 is a good bet right out of the box. I run it without mods and the weird carb they have and it ALWAYS finishes when everyone else quits
  7. Jimwhyte

    Shaft issues

    Raise the strut, if to deep it'll bog.
  8. Jimwhyte

    Piston and rings

    Hey all, Will Piston and rings from Zens work with RCMK?
  9. Jimwhyte


    Site is up but its sloooooow
  10. Jimwhyte


    Hmmmm.damn computer!!
  11. Jimwhyte


    What is going on with RCMK? No website, or is it down?
  12. Jimwhyte

    1/6 scale hulls

    Thank you Mike...Bill Muncey and his "Blue Blaster" was one of my favorite things as a kid. Now I own one...Well kinda
  13. Jimwhyte

    1/6 scale hulls

    Thank you Mike....
  14. Jimwhyte

    1/6 scale hulls

    Thank you Dave...Yes it was a one off I made from foam mold. It was a pain but I like the final result.