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  1. Admin

    Posting Pictures Help Thread -

    I have just increased the storage limit a bit to see if that helps correct your image posting issues.
  2. At this time there is not a way to close the side bar. We tried one version and it would not work with this software.
  3. Admin

    Problem uploading pics

    There is a storage limit on attachments. Do you have many images stored? I have done an increase in storage area to hopefully correct your issue.
  4. Admin

    Email Notifications

    Thank you for letting me and others know that it does work.
  5. Admin

    Email Notifications

    You will need to use the UNSUBSCRIBE HERE on the bottom of the emails to get them to stop. The settings here do not effect the emails of Yesterday's Activity. Try that and if it does not work, let me know the next time it happens.
  6. The images and old threads are still being imported.
  7. I think you were just shocked. Glad to see you back to your "crack". Let me know if you have questions or find something that needs fixed.
  8. I can change your name for you. And I will check on the gallery images. They may not all have rebuilt yet.
  9. This is noted and has been asked about. It usually takes just a day or two for these upgrades to show on TapaTalk.
  10. It came up as a side effect of installing the SSL. It probably will be until morning or during the day before I can get this issue fixed. Notes have been sent out.
  11. It appear I have the same issue, and find that the software is still rebuilding content. I am getting it checked on.
  12. dave roach - Are you saying that when there is a thread with more than one page of posts, you cannot go to the 2nd page? I'll test that. If it is something different, please correct my understanding.
  13. Please, everyone check, and if you find a thread that has missing Images. Just go copy the address for the thread (top of the page ) and copy it and post here. I want to get this back as you know it, but better.
  14. Then you'll be happy to know that the look and feel will be returning as soon as we can make it happen. This was needed "right now" last night to keep Int'l Waters going. WE are working to get it back to pretty much what you are use to seeing. Give us just a little time, please.
  15. I believe those will show when the Int'l Waters look comes back. That should be some time today. If it does not, I have techs that I can talk with to get it back.