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  1. PatrickLoveless

    NX 300 tunnel for sale

    Got any pics with cowl off?
  2. PatrickLoveless

    Looking for a tunnel

    Hey i appreciate you showing me your tunnel and it was nice but im looking for 21 size tunnel
  3. PatrickLoveless

    Hobbico Starter with Makita Battery Adapter

    Pm sent
  4. PatrickLoveless

    Tunnel for sale

    Did this sale?
  5. PatrickLoveless

    Looking for a tunnel

    Either way bud. Looking at my options
  6. PatrickLoveless

    Looking for a tunnel

    In the market for a tunnel lets see what you guys might have for sale. Thanks for your time.
  7. PatrickLoveless

    A few things for sale

    Is the k&b still available
  8. PatrickLoveless

    O.S .21 POWER HEAD

    Needs piston and sleeve. I believe everything else is ok.
  9. PatrickLoveless

    Jae 21 w/Nova

    Very interested in this rigger which JAE 21 is it?
  10. PatrickLoveless

    O.S .21 POWER HEAD

    Looking for a OS .21 power head for my winter project.
  11. Looking good man. Whats turn around time on one?
  12. PatrickLoveless

    Sowega president access

    I'd be pretty safe in saying SHE is NOT a Hillary supporter It would be a safe bet for sure lol!!!
  13. PatrickLoveless

    Sure seems dead around here.

    Not sure what happened but didn't mean to post that. I just purchased a leecraft but not sure of the model it is. Im hoping to run b sport tunnel next year with it if its still capable. New to the tunnel scene but cant wait to get going.
  14. PatrickLoveless

    Sure seems dead around here.

    Bring one of those to SOWEGA and let's RACE! I will be driving a wooden boat that is 25 years old in the sport 3.5cc class. Mike Rushing used to call it "Twiggy" because it was a wooden boat. We only built one of them and then I designed the Lynx so it is just a one of a kind but it is no slouch now. I may run in Mod 3.5 too but I'll have to see what the weather is going to be like that weekend. If it is not going to be windy, I will run it in both classes of 3.5cc tunnel.
  15. PatrickLoveless

    Sowega president access

    Hey the president of the sowega model boaters is trying to join IW. Who can help her with this matter.