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  1. CB540

    52" kneeler hydro for gas outboard build

    Hey Mike.That thing looks GREAT!! I cant wait to get this thing rigged and running.I will defiantly keep the thread going.Thank you,Chris
  2. CB540

    52" kneeler hydro for gas outboard build

    Man that thing is going to look awesome with a big gas outboard and one of these sitting on board!!
  3. CB540

    52" kneeler hydro for gas outboard build

    Looking good!! Chris
  4. CB540

    52" kneeler hydro for gas outboard build

    Very COOL!! Can't wait to see it finished.!! Chris
  5. CB540

    Herb Stewart needs your prayers

    Prayers sent.Its hard to believe he was at our pond about 3 weeks ago.Chris
  6. CB540

    fuel tank out of brass?

    Very nice job.Looks Great!! Chris
  7. CB540

    Don't deal with this guy!

    Done,Looks like he is no longer registered.Chris
  8. CB540

    Pipes for sale

    1 B H Hanson 2" band pipe Gas great shape w/header $ 50.00 Interested in the above pipe,Could you send me a pic ? Thanks,Chris
  9. I am interested in building a Sport 40 and trying to find who makes them and where they can be purchased,websites etc? Thanks,Chris
  10. CB540

    F/S CMD SGX.21 Rigger RTR

    You got mail.Thanks,Chris
  11. CB540

    F/S CMD SGX.21 Rigger RTR

    Email Rob at Rob@Greenthmb.com I took the pics and listed it for sale for him.Its a very nice rigger for the money.Thanks,Chris
  12. CB540

    F/S CMD SGX.21 Rigger RTR

    Not sure of the paint but is is fuel proof.My friend Rob purchased from Danny Bass here in Jacksonville and I think but not sure he purchased it from John Brown.Thanks Chris
  13. CB540

    F/S CMD SGX.21 Rigger RTR

    I am listing this boat for a Friend,he wants to stick to gas.Its a SGX .21 rigger ready to run just add a transmitter.Includes all hardware,servos,battery,JR receiver,Engine mac .21,4 cowlings,3 props,1 extra shaft,custom metal tank,3rd ch needle,and stand.The way its set up now its easy to run and pretty fast.The prop and pipe can be changed to go faster.The fellow he purchased it from has been 71mph with it.The boat is in very good shape and needs nothing.If you have any questions you can e-mail Rob at Rob@Greenthmb.com asking $600 + shipping in the US only.Thanks,Chris SOLD