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  1. GraysonTaylor

    Twin mono

    Thanx John! Helpful for me.
  2. GraysonTaylor

    Hudy Break In Bench Question

    That's just it, not knowing rich from way to rich. How does a new guy know?
  3. GraysonTaylor

    Hudy Break In Bench Question

    Back to the Hudy stand.... I got one and didn't use it. The instruction manual was great though. You aren't trying to run it super rich, you're aiming for a consistent temperature. Super rich and there will not be enough heat and you end up wearing out your motor before it gets broken in. If you have a side exhaust motor the car pipe will be fine. .21 right ? I ended up building my own stand. I was great for me has I'm not a seasoned veteran that just knows what is perfect by ear. A temp gun is a requirement for me. Read the Hudy break in procedure in the manual.
  4. GraysonTaylor

    Ajustible Canard Wings

    Thanx for all of your research and great articles!
  5. GraysonTaylor

    Ajustible Canard Wings

    I'm really interested in a rear wing on a gyro. As Lohring stated, the goal would be for consistent angle of attack. I also feel that it could save some blow overs which are going to rip up your tailfeathers. I have an E-flight T-38 with stabilization gyros and a Blade 270 Heli that self levels. These systems really work and are faster reacting than the eye can perceive. I'm too scared to mess with the gyro programming on these models, but I have read a bit about it. The one concern is that nitro models vibrate enough to confuse the gyro and most gyro manufactures are hesitant say they work on nitro models. Good link on gyro basics below. Tips on nitro installations included. Then go on to read about head holding gyros. https://www.rchelicopterfun.com/rc-helicopter-gyro.html
  6. GraysonTaylor

    Classic Thunderboat driver

    Is that the Kung-fu grip? :-)
  7. GraysonTaylor

    1/8 Winston Lobster

    If you use a servo, the next step would be a gyro. Could be awesome.
  8. GraysonTaylor

    Skid Fin for Crackerbox

    Yes, the Cg with all the hardware installed. Just before where the shaft comes through the hull is probably it. I had glued and screwed my fin, so removing it was major surgery. That's why I wanted to test with no fin.
  9. GraysonTaylor

    Skid Fin for Crackerbox

    Behind the center of balance. My Eaglet (flat bottom) had a skid fin that was right about the center of gravity and you had to steer it to go straight. I removed it and never got back to trying it out without a fin. .....
  10. GraysonTaylor

    Sport Rules

    Point taken. Sport 20 too, I'm guessing. District 9......
  11. GraysonTaylor

    New 40" Voodoo

    Very nice :-)
  12. GraysonTaylor

    Sport Rules

    What's the history of having to conceal the exhaust? Seems to me that the original sport class was to limit the setup to manufactures exhaust like an airplane exhaust. Anyone know how hidden pipes became the rule?
  13. GraysonTaylor

    Paint for a wooden gas Thunderboat?

    I've glassed my boats, mostly .21s. I didn't glass the wood cowling though on my latest though. I would bet that most do not glass. Heck, it seems to be a trend to just stop at the epoxy and not even paint.... I'm not too trendy ;-)
  14. GraysonTaylor

    Speedmaster strut help

    Where should the flanged end of the bushing be? Hanging out the back or flush with the strut? Somewhere in between? Thanx guys.
  15. GraysonTaylor

    Collet help needed

    You are right Walt. I ended getting a K&B collet from Aeromarine without having the shoulder size confirmed. It has a .350 shoulder and fits the NR perfect. The ironic part is that I checked out my K&B in my Eaglet and it has a flat faced collet. I never had any problems with it.