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  1. GraysonTaylor

    Sport Rules

    Point taken. Sport 20 too, I'm guessing. District 9......
  2. GraysonTaylor

    New 40" Voodoo

    Very nice :-)
  3. GraysonTaylor

    Sport Rules

    What's the history of having to conceal the exhaust? Seems to me that the original sport class was to limit the setup to manufactures exhaust like an airplane exhaust. Anyone know how hidden pipes became the rule?
  4. GraysonTaylor

    Paint for a wooden gas Thunderboat?

    I've glassed my boats, mostly .21s. I didn't glass the wood cowling though on my latest though. I would bet that most do not glass. Heck, it seems to be a trend to just stop at the epoxy and not even paint.... I'm not too trendy ;-)
  5. GraysonTaylor

    Speedmaster strut help

    Where should the flanged end of the bushing be? Hanging out the back or flush with the strut? Somewhere in between? Thanx guys.
  6. GraysonTaylor

    Collet help needed

    You are right Walt. I ended getting a K&B collet from Aeromarine without having the shoulder size confirmed. It has a .350 shoulder and fits the NR perfect. The ironic part is that I checked out my K&B in my Eaglet and it has a flat faced collet. I never had any problems with it.
  7. GraysonTaylor

    small cat plans or maybe a kit

    I think you can still get a Skidaddle 20 from Dumas.
  8. GraysonTaylor

    Collet help needed

    I've been having a hard time getting a hold of Aeromarine to ID a collet. Their website lists collets by motor type. NR 21 is not on the list. I have an Octura that fits the NR 21 and has a .343" shoulder on it. My question is what older 21 motors had the same shoulder? I'm pretty sure Octura didn't tool a new one for NR. Thanks for the help.
  9. GraysonTaylor


  10. GraysonTaylor


    Hey Bradley, chill out. I had problems starting my Rossi at first. My 35 year old system just didn't cut it any more. I replaced my Tower Power Panel with an Rcats glow driver and put a lipo on my starter. No more hard starts. I've had to use a wrench to the the motor get it off of TDC and I know your feeling about possible slop in the piston and rod. It's what a new, modern racing motor feels like. OPS, CMB and NR are all Italian. Without them, there would not be any marine glow motors and no nitro racing. The gas and electric guys would be many years back as far as rc boat racing knowledge goes. Be thankful there is a chioce.
  11. GraysonTaylor

    Twin Eagle SGX with Nova 91s

    Holly twins Batman! You need a bigger pond.....
  12. GraysonTaylor

    45 twin new build

    Thanks Ken!
  13. Given I don't have a machine shop, trying to create parallel flats on a shaft with a dremel would be futile. I also was reading about dual flats weakening the shaft. I'm going with the "If it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality. One set screw is all that's needed. Can't make everyone happy unless you do both. Keep up the nice work!
  14. GraysonTaylor

    45 twin new build

    Where did those pipe supports come from? I could use one.
  15. GraysonTaylor


    Good point :-)