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  1. PaulHail

    Octura X467 1470 S&B

    I'll cover shipping in the US.
  2. PaulHail

    90-101 Single Props 1667's

    Payment sent
  3. PaulHail

    45 pipes

    Don, just got back from the post office. Tracking number is 9500110370219050268586 Should get there by Friday. Thanks again
  4. PaulHail

    90-101 Single Props 1667's

    I'll take #3 6.5 pitch
  5. PaulHail

    Cheap Servo from Amazon

    25 kg is 881 oz. When I look at the value of a boat, and the time I have invested and building a tuning it, the servo seems like the worst possible place to save money when a servo failure can result in the loss of the boat.
  6. PaulHail

    JAE 91 kit

    I mocked up the tub, looks like the top of the sponsons angle at 1 degree, which puts the ride surfaces at an AOA of 3 degrees.
  7. PaulHail

    JAE 91 kit

    Yes, I need to tackle the tub. I keep hemming and hawing on engine placement and angle to drill the holes for the mount. Building will be straight forward after that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. PaulHail

    JAE 91 kit

    Using the top of the sponson as a reference. I.e. assuming the top rides parallel to the water, the AOA is 4 degrees Put an edge in the turn fin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. PaulHail

    JAE 91 kit

    There is literally not a single part in common between the Zippkits 91/101 kit and the free plans. See photos. The tub is taller 2.20" vs. 1 7/8" on the plan, tub is 7 1/8" longer, sponson booms are located further aft and further apart. Sponsons are much larger. Bulkheads are in completely different locations. I'd say given the quality and precision of the kit and the modest price, I'm glad I went with the kit vs. making one from plans. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. PaulHail

    JAE 91 kit

    Getting there, first set of sponsons almost done, started skinning up the spare set Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. PaulHail

    45 pipes

    Thanks Don! As soon as I shop it I’ll get you the tracking number. As Monday’s a holiday it’ll probably get there Friday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. PaulHail

    Engine observation and question

    Electricity has no soul. It'll be the death of motor sports. Might as well just play a video game. That said hopefully they'll be some future generations to pick up the interest in the hobby. Don't know they'll be enough to really keep it going, but we'll see. There are a surprising number of people that like to dress up like knights, so things that went out of fashion 100's of years ago are still around, I'm sure our hobby will survive to some extent. The biggest thread is noise and concerns about liability closing down ponds.
  13. PaulHail

    45 pipes

    Don, I'll go $45 shipped tolman_paul@yahoo.com
  14. PaulHail

    45 pipes

    Prices reduced on 45 pipes, Nova pipe $40 plus shipping Irwin pipe $50 plus shipping
  15. PaulHail

    Octura props f/s

    X450, X457, 1655, 1462. All 3/16” bore, sharpened and balanced. $30 each plus shipping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk