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    WTB Sport 40

    I have a Blazer Sport 40 for sale. With or without (preferably with) the CMB rs45 that is in it currently. I believe the pipe is an AB parabolic routed to the transom. Hardware is Speedmaster recycled off of my PT40. The boat was built by Bob Blazer and rigged and painted by Mike Starrett. Unless one of them spit on it, it's never been wet. I don't want to fool with sp40 or nitro for that matter really. If you are interested, I'll send pics. I think you are local. If you are, it shouldn't be a problem to meet up to see the boat. Jamie
  2. Provided that I wake up in the a few hours I'll be there with the cat and Whip.
  3. I'm going to be there to help with the race for sure. Going to get the cat lined out tonight and hopefully the whip in the water tomorrow. Jamie
  4. 2ridgebacks

    WTB Hi Jack mount for a K&B 3.5 OB

    Would you know it if you saw it? I have a hi-jack mount that is never used and a couple of years old. Would be glad to part with it for a fair price.
  5. 2ridgebacks

    NEW OS21 XM MAX ver.2

    Heat makes power. Untill the engine ceases to function mechanically anyway.
  6. 2ridgebacks

    Carbon fiber safety

    Find a local archery shop and see if they will cut them for you on their arrow saw. Additionally, they will have a surplus of short pieces of carbon tube laying around.
  7. 2ridgebacks

    4TH Annual Wine Run

    I have a lot of pictures. Where to host?
  8. 2ridgebacks

    Would you buy an engraved boat?

    There will be pics if I do it. This is just one of my concerns. The thickness of the ply and the coating are others. I really just wanted to know what your reaction might be to a boat for sale.
  9. We have a laser engraving shop in the area. I think that they can engrave on wood. If that is the case, I was thinking of having a name or logo or something engraved into my Whiplash deck. How much would that deter you from buying a boat? Once it is engraved, it's not coming out, you paint the deck or you see the engraving. I'm not that far away from decking the boat, so now would be the time to have the decks engraved.
  10. 2ridgebacks

    servo taking a dump or just wet

    I have been. I run a 2s LiPo pack through a voltage regulator. Is this a widely known issue? I wonder if Hitec has a position. I did have a 225mg fail in the same boat. I thought I got it wet one to many times. Maybe it was voltage. Although, I've run 225's on a 9volt battery. Not for a long while now. I'll flip the switch on the regulator and drop the voltage some more. I went through 3 throttle servos before I discovered it was a receiver problem. I changed the receiver after our club open water where I cooked the 3rd throttle servo and had no problems through 5 heats. Swap the receiver if you have a spare.
  11. catalytic convertors for lawn equipment under 25hp and all outboard motors.
  12. 2ridgebacks

    question for the general public

    Peter North's Super Shooter huh? Nice one Grim.
  13. 2ridgebacks


    Bruce, you have mail. I'm running 3 classes. Put Chris Jenkins in on the following channels: Bsport 73 1/8 scale 75 gas cat dsm
  14. 2ridgebacks

    question for the general public

    To follow up on Chris's statement, maybe we could have a non-competitors membership rate. The classification could be upgraded at any time to allow them to race. Otherwise, for the play boater, they get access to the pond and get to learn the hobby without the competitive pressure.
  15. 2ridgebacks

    question for the general public

    I think developing a gas class and only allowing the canister muffler is one way to help. On a class specific level. You may buy the tunnel for 300, but then the starter, glow charger, expensive fuel and glow plugs along with a 12 volt battery and charger can add up. You also have the constant needle fiddling. From what I can see, gas is you, the boat and a radio along with a gallon of buy anywhere gasoline and a quart of oil. After run procedures are negligible and you aren't always fiddling with the needle. Aside from that, everything is big enough that you can work on it without it being fiddly. A fiberglass hull with a 3 channel fm radio and a stock zen would be less than $600 I believe. That also reminds me. You don't have to have the expensive basecoat/clearcoat paint. I may be way off base. I am still a fairly new boater and have a lot of those "oooohhhhh, I see" moments. IMO, anything that takes hassle out of the hobby is progress. A stock gas class would fit that bill as far as I can tell. Plus, it's relatively quiet.
  16. 2ridgebacks

    attaching fences

    What material would you use for an air fence on the front of the sponsons and how would you attach it. If I have used the wrong term, I am refering to air dams that run parallel to the centerline of the boat on the front of the inside of the sponsons. Thanks in advance.
  17. 2ridgebacks

    attaching fences

    Thanks guys. Looks like lexan and double sided tape.
  18. 2ridgebacks

    attaching fences

    Dandy. Now, what is the best way to attach it.
  19. Sorry to post in general. I have finally uploaded the pics from the Louisville District 14 race to Shutterfly. You can find the link in the Races & Results forum. Several of you have sent emails and I wanted to make sure everyone was aware since it has been a couple of weeks. Jamie
  20. 2ridgebacks

    Southern IN/Louisville Area Race

    I have the pictures up on Shutterfly. I took about 200 pics that day, so this is just a small sample. All of the winners are posted though. http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome...FwzYuLA&notag=1shutterfly
  21. 2ridgebacks

    CMB disassembly

    After getting a couple of buddies(you know who you are) to fish my sport 40 off of the bottom I am going to take some good advice and disassemble for a good cleaning. I ran into my first problem getting the flywheel off. Is it pressed on, interference fit, keyed, left hand thread? Is someone willing to walk me through the disassembly for this motor? I would greatly appreciate any help. Maybe it matters, maybe it doesn't, but it is an RS45.
  22. 2ridgebacks


    I have a Mac 45 that was purchased about 8 months ago. Also I have parabolic pipe and header to go with it. j.mckown@insightbb.com
  23. 2ridgebacks

    WTB MAC 45

    I have one that was purchased last Fall. It is the previous model, but has never been started. I also have a header and a parabolic pipe to go with it. Contact me if interested.j.mckown@insightbb.com
  24. 2ridgebacks

    WTB MAC 45

    I have a like new, never started Mac 45 for sale. I also have what I believe to be a Brown parabolic pipe and header to go with it. Let me know
  25. 2ridgebacks

    Buoy system

    Okay guys, here is another one for the collective IW mind. We have more new club growing pains. Those are good though, right? What are your clubs using for your buoys. From the anchor up to the float. We have permission to permenantly locate our buoys, but they must remain submerged (the property owner said 2 ft. below the surface at low water). We realize that we will have to clip onto a submerged float or place the buoys each time we run. However, we are currently scheduling open water 2 sessions a week and want to be able to run the course each time. So, this means we need a quick to set up course that can either be hooked up quickly or placed in the lake quickly while remaining compact in storage. I think if the weather keeps us from running Saturday, we are going to the lake with the transit to lay out the course so any and all input is appreciated. I'm guessing that at a maximum the buoy would be about 3 ft. under murky water, so being able to locate it quickly is paramount. We have a GPS unit, but it will still be somewhat like finding needles in a haystack. We have a few ideas on what to do, but the costs could add up quickly for mistakes, so we want to try to do it right the first time. Thanks in advance. Jamie