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  1. hgatjens

    FS Futaba 3PM MX

    Did you ever sell this?
  2. hgatjens


    I will mail out tomorrow.
  3. hgatjens

    Engine Bearings

    If you hae two sets of #3 for CMB .67, I would like to order them.
  4. hgatjens


    1999 U-10 York hydroplane press kit. Includes bio sheets on Mark Weber and Kim Gregory and press release about sponsorship by York and Pizza Time in Seattle. All in a nice yellow presentation folder. Shipped in the US only. Taken!
  5. hgatjens

    Paint Codes For 1990 Miss Budweiser U1

    Differe4nt Hull, different paint colors. The plans are for the 85-86 Bubble Buid. Used Imron paint those years
  6. hgatjens

    Used CMB 11cc Greenhead FOR SALE

    How about $5?
  7. hgatjens

    I/8th scale trailer

    I found the story July1964 issue of Boating news. I can email you pdfs of the picture if you would like. Unfortunately it was a 2page spread and I had to do it as 2 separate pages. Here it is Link
  8. hgatjens

    I/8th scale trailer

    There was an article in a magazine, I think Hot Boat, that had an article on "What does it cost top run an unlimited". Featured your boat, had it sitting on the trailer with the truck attached to it all. Pointed out each thing and what it cost. If you can find that article you will have what you need. I'll see if I still have it.
  9. hgatjens

    Original RPM rod for OPS .46VRM

    sold Thank you
  10. hgatjens

    Original RPM rod for OPS .46VRM

    I didn't receive a money order yet. Did you change your mind?
  11. hgatjens

    Original RPM rod for OPS .46VRM

    PM Sent with address. Thanks, Harry
  12. hgatjens

    Original RPM rod for OPS .46VRM

    Send me a check or cash or add 3% for Paypal and it's yours harry@gatjens.com
  13. hgatjens

    Original RPM rod for OPS .46VRM

    SOLD thank you Don't know if anyone uses these any more but, brand new in package $30 ]
  14. hgatjens

    for sale

  15. hgatjens

    LF 1/8 scale hull only

    Contact Mike Phillips in Montana 406 291-3943 H(e has a little used boat, ready to go for $1,100