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  1. glenng

    Looking for some honeycomb

    Probably Mil Spec Sam
  2. glenng

    Looking for Glenn Gates

    Brains 25 cents? Are they A B normal? Hi Andy P.M. sent Rick.
  3. glenng

    cmb .67 greenheads

    Stop damning me Rick, I'm screwed up enough as is. Crazy Glenn has a special deal for you. I'll send a P.M. tonight with the details.
  4. glenng

    cmb .67 greenheads

    0ne last try- $400.00 Shipped.
  5. glenng

    cmb .67 greenheads

    price reduced again
  6. glenng

    cmb .67 greenheads

    Price reduced to $ 410 shipped. lower 48 states only Pay-Pal only.
  7. glenng

    cmb .67 greenheads

    Price reduced to $450.00 shipped on remaining motor.
  8. glenng

    cmb .67 greenheads

    Motor One is fine-the liner was sitting on top of the pin .
  9. glenng

    cmb .67 greenheads

    Funds received for motor "2" Thanks Dean!!!!
  10. glenng

    cmb .67 greenheads

    Guys, I need to hold up on the #1 motor for a bit- when I put the cooling caps on I noticed what seemed to be a mismatch. on the liner/ exhaust port area. I have a new P/L. I'll see if that helps. Sorry, Glenn
  11. glenng

    cmb .67 greenheads

    Motor #2 sold pending funds. I found a new 8MMX.250 round collet to go with motor #1. I like the way you think Duke!!! Not too late to make a package deal!!!
  12. glenng

    cmb .67 greenheads

    Okay, Both have dished pistons.
  13. glenng

    cmb .67 greenheads

    B.C., I've never opened up either motor. "2" is around 6 years old and "1" I just bought last year. Nether has seen fuel or been mounted. If it does not sell at $470 I'll open it up. I failed to mention I'll pay the shipping.
  14. glenng

    cmb .67 greenheads

    I have two 1. NIB black carb. $ 410.00 Shipped. Back injury forces sale. 2. New .67 w/black carb. w/ collet. This motor was sent to Steve Wood to be set up for a 1/8 scale using Marty Davis software. bent water fittings included. $470. SOLD TO DEAN Pay-pal only Lower 48 states only Thanks, Glenn
  15. glenng

    .45 Rs Evo gold, CMB .67 Greenhead

    Frank, It is still for sale. Thanks, Glenn