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  1. Thank you Ron, I received my .67 Novarossi a couple weeks ago but just got a chance to look at it and it is beautiful. Now I'm going to start working on the PTO for an outboard. I have a K&B 11cc to start with but I still need a lawless lower unit to design one for it. Again thank you to Novarossi Italy and Novarossi US. along with everyone else that had a part in this.
  2. DalePowellJr

    Julian.... +1 🎂

    Happy birthday Julian.
  3. Hi Ron is there another update on the order. Thank you, Dale
  4. Hi David your right the .600 round bore is pushing it but it is doable. Was working on the drawings last night. Dale please give me a call I also sent you a pm Back plate & then trying to get it thru the transfers ports.... The Big Carb is only a guarantee of More Air.... You also got to feed the engine more fuel..... Yes Joe you are correct, the D&DJ Carbs will not be the traditional straight bore carbs that most produce. Our carbs will be of the venturi design to draw more fuel with the larger bore size. This can be tricky on some of the engines as the drums or plate designs will only allow you to go but so big, and that's were if we can maximize the fuel draw in the design of the carb then the bigger bores will work great. Lots of R&D Engineering. Thank you, Dale
  5. DalePowellJr

    Clean up time

    Will you take 50 shipped for the .12 pipe thanks Dale
  6. DalePowellJr

    Cleaning out shop

    Have you received payment yet? Thank you,Dale
  7. DalePowellJr

    Turbo plugs

    Ron Shaw Novarossi Marine USA.
  8. DalePowellJr

    Cleaning out shop

    Dale , are you still interested in the .67 O/B? Yes I am the money is on the way just found out yesterday that my wife didn't drop the envilope off in the mail. It's there now you should have soon. Thank you , Dale
  9. Thanks Ron for the update. Can't wait to get mine. Thank you, Dale
  10. DalePowellJr

    Cleaning out shop

    Ok sounds great I'll get a money order sent out. Just as clarification that's to include the header and pipe correct. Thanks Dale
  11. DalePowellJr

    Cleaning out shop

    Will you take 200 plus shipping for the 67
  12. DalePowellJr

    Possible 67 Novarossi Outboard

    I second that Ok so that's two, anybody else want a pto for the .91 or .67? I need to get an idea of how many to make. Thanks,Dale
  13. DalePowellJr

    Possible 67 Novarossi Outboard

    Not a problem Ron as I want to see the outboard classes continue running and progressing. I can make PTO'S for the .91 also I would just need an engine to get the measurements off of. If there's anything you can think of I could help with just let me know. Thanks Dale
  14. DalePowellJr

    Possible 67 Novarossi Outboard

    Shane it won't be a problem as the pto will be the same except the OD will be bigger on the housing where it slides into the case and the driven part of the pto will be slightly larger do to the difference in stroke other than that it will be the same. Dale jr.
  15. DalePowellJr

    Possible 67 Novarossi Outboard

    Ron, I think that this would be a great option for outboard world. As you know I'm a hydro guy but I'm going to try to help out the outboard guys as well. I'm working on a new tunnel boat design and im going to make a pto for the new .67 to fit the lawless lower unit as soon as I get mine in the mail to start testing. We need more support from everyone to keep the outboard classes going. Novarossi has done a great job with this as the .21 and .46 have been a great success and i know the .67 would be no different. I look forward to doing my part in this to help keep this all going. New designs and new power heads means new records being broken. Maybe this is what is needed to wake everyone up. Just my opinion, I'm here to help. Dale Jr.