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  1. PiroSteel

    X650 PROP / X472 PROP

    Okay, my prop is a little more than a Christmas Tree Decoration I have still also an original X472, it was purchased from Octura directly too
  2. PiroSteel

    X650 PROP / X472 PROP

    Hi Mark, Thank you for your inputs The second picture was as like interesting collection on my plate (there can I show, on the black line where I made only the modificaton too) The blades are ballanced and polished (I have tested it only on Mono and I should change the strut position from 2814/3 -3) This ABC will send to specialist to win any speed Robert, if you have interest to buy it the shipping cost with tracking $ 8 Joseph
  3. PiroSteel

    X650 PROP / X472 PROP

    Real price. What is your offer for it ? (as like on this picture it's with "Texas cut")
  4. PiroSteel

    X650 PROP / X472 PROP

    Hi, I have one X472 mod -on the left ready
  5. PiroSteel

    Pro Marine cats?

    Hello Sirs, Could may anybody help me about the degrees of PMRC 34" Skater hull ? I can measure on this picture the Vee on the rear 9-10* Could you measure me exactly on your hull the degree at first step, or rather 1" before as like marked with red the place on the second picture ? It woud be a great help from you ! I'm exited to know more about this Cat Cheers
  6. PiroSteel

    Toys’Port Syncron 27" P-Mono

    Hey, The boat is still available !!! Here is a great video of boat Thx
  7. PiroSteel

    Picco 80#3

    At next visit check .it please by Supermarket
  8. PiroSteel

    Picco 80#3

    OK, last question, would you like tell me the weight of your P80
  9. PiroSteel

    Picco 80#3

    Okay and sorry for question. Which 13 cc engine is your favorite instead this, today with spare parts available ? Thanks
  10. PiroSteel

    Pro Marine cats?

    Hi Mark, Your homepage doesn't work to me Is Mike here in this forum ? Which name ? Joseph
  11. PiroSteel

    Picco 80#3

    There are still only 3,5 cc engines in production. Right ? Is it possible to get for this 7 port P80 spare parts anywhere ?
  12. PiroSteel

    Picco 80#3

    Hi, piston and liner are not tuned, right ?
  13. PiroSteel

    Picco .80 EXR Titan Rod

    Hi, what is the weight of Rod exactly ?
  14. PiroSteel

    IMG 0344

    That's just a Dream to see