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  1. I'll take the Yellow Skiff for 250.00 plus shipping to 59484. Could you also post a photo of the bottom and the back of the boat. Joe
  2. Put me second in line if James changes his mind.
  3. Joenagy

    Predator Gas Canard

  4. Joenagy

    Predator Gas Canard

    Sold Pending payment on another website
  5. Joenagy

    Predator Gas Canard

    Yes then you can upgrade to something bigger.
  6. Joenagy

    Predator Gas Canard

    Updated Photos
  7. Joenagy

    Predator Gas Canard

    I edited the original post and I'm adding a Strut and Rudder Combo. I'll post photos in the am
  8. Joenagy

    Predator Gas Canard

    Cleaning up Predator Gas Canard never been drilled comes with built in radio box it has 5 inch rails TO SWEETEN THE DEAL I'LL INCLUDE A STRUT AND RUDDER COMBO $350.00 shipped in the USA
  9. Joenagy

    Auctioning Sonny Barrett's Boat and Parts Collection

    What am I doing wrong, I can't see any of the items (photos)?
  10. Joenagy

    A few boats for sale

    the Microburst What engine was the mound drilled for? Dose it have a remote needle as well? What would the cost of shipping be to 59484?
  11. Joenagy

    mac motor

    Did you sell the Mac 67?
  12. Joenagy

    7.5cc SGX RIGGER

    Hi Brad Its ok thank you for the offer. Ill look after the repairs at my end. Thank you
  13. Joenagy

    7.5cc SGX RIGGER

    Payment sent Thank you
  14. Joenagy

    7.5cc SGX RIGGER

    Here is my shipping information, Joe Nagy 412 Oak Street Box 369 Sweet Grass Montana 59484 United States