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  1. https://youtu.be/cryLlYExZao
  2. chrisShepherd

    Nitro Duck's Grand Prix Race June 4th- 5th

    Almost here!!
  3. 1st max 2nd me https://youtu.be/E0zhjxT9z5g
  4. Thanks man. i still got ALOT of catching up to do.
  5. The race was part of D-13 Grandprix series. Not sure if there is another race there this year but it's a super nice site. Pond is smaller but still plenty of room to race.
  6. chrisShepherd

    U-55 O Boy

    Awesome looking boat!! Good job
  7. We ran just the reg oval. And offshore. I did upload videos of offshore but I didn't finish any of those. Need more practice taking a left lol
  8. Oh believe me they wanted too. It was cold soo they let me slide
  9. Thanks and yeah they were everywhere
  10. chrisShepherd

    Y6 and sprint cat playing

    http://youtu.be/EgrgJS3OFJE This is at Kims big pond in Sowega. Great pond sits low in a cotton field soo all you nitro and tunnel guys don't haft to worry about wind. Boats hit this pond almost every weekend.
  11. chrisShepherd

    F41 ready for 2016 d13

    I'm going to be at all the races in d13 this year. Including the Spring nats. Me and Kim had a good time at the pond this past weekend. Y'all check it out http://youtu.be/6PGWGz8pEFI
  12. chrisShepherd

    Props,,, Props,,,, Props!

    New to boating. Don't really have much knowledge in buying props but I am in the market. Intrested in #15 and #18 also if you had anything you think would be good for a y6 or f41. I'd bite Thanks