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  1. Doc, Mark and I got in late last night. Now heading to Kissimmee to watch people with real money buying million dollar Ferrari's.
  2. Nice, Wild West rules !
  3. Mark, Doc and I rented a house on VRBO, 6 miles from the lake We are going early again to go to Mecum in Kissimmee Jan 12
  4. Most of the nitro classes closed already with only 6 entries ?
  5. Tom, it did not show the other day but it was back on yesterday. I just looked and it’s gone again. The other thing I noticed was the NAMBA website does not have it listed either. See you in a few weeks, Happy New Year Bob
  6. BobLondress

    JAE 21 GT vs G2 Front Sponsons

    This is Nicks new boat. I used the original Jae sponsons and built a new tub , 2” longer, for him. Runs and handles much better than the original. Still tuning with the new CMB vac. I guess these would be the first version of the sponsons, they are 3 yrs old. Under 4 # rtr
  7. BobLondress

    Auctioning Sonny Barrett's Boat and Parts Collection

    Looks like it was a success !
  8. BobLondress

    A few boats for sale

    Yes, I still have it
  9. BobLondress

    A few boats for sale

    The best I can do is $ 100 shipped Bob
  10. BobLondress

    A few boats for sale

    What is your zip ?
  11. BobLondress

    Cracker box, ready to run

    Still for sale, offers ?
  12. BobLondress

    A few boats for sale

    Mark Thanks, I was not sure Bob
  13. BobLondress

    A few boats for sale

    Offers on remaining 2 boats ?
  14. BobLondress

    A few boats for sale

    Just the shaft log
  15. BobLondress

    A few boats for sale

    Payment received, I will get this boxed and send the tracking #s Thanks Bob