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  1. BrianNeumann

    SpeedWeek 2019

    Sounds like you put on another great Speed Week! Please post some pics of the boats when you have time. I would love to see your current 12 rigger and if there are any pics of Martin's??? As well as the other boats. I loved that video you put up of Martin's 2 lap record run. Thanks for all of the updates you posted on IW. They inspired me!
  2. BrianNeumann

    JAE 21 Rudder Question

    That's what I did with my JAE 12. I cut 2 relief slits in the brass inserts on the sponson tubes and then use clamps out at the sponsons. Works great for me and has never slipped. But it is a 12 not a 21 so I cannot say whether the bigger boats will hold the sponsons tight.
  3. BrianNeumann

    looking for linx -285 props

    Mark is on IW regularly, just send him a personal message.
  4. BrianNeumann

    Boat Decals

    It let's me download the file but, then says unable to open file on my phone. So I cannot see the pictures either. Just letting you know the pictures are not showing up.
  5. BrianNeumann

    david preusse 12 cowl on a jae

    Mark, I haven't been able to get going with the new 12 yet. Ive just been extremely busy with work, life, etc... I stare at it every night in my living room and am getting pissed that I haven't even installled the stuffing tube. Also debating about running a 3rd channel needle. And lastly I am trying to figure out what type of push rod setup to use in everything. I know what I will do with the rudder but I want to try a light weight flexible cable for the throttle and possible 3rd channel. I need to get moving!!! Spring will be here soon. Sorry to hijack this thread. Give me a call mark one of these evenings. Need to catch up with you on a few things. Brian Neumann
  6. BrianNeumann

    david preusse 12 cowl on a jae

    cdrace@rocketmail.com is David's Email address. That is the way I always get ahold of him. Here are a couple of older pictures of my 12 with his cowl.
  7. BrianNeumann

    Happy birthday Mark Sholund

    Have yourself a wonderful birthday Mark! Brian
  8. BrianNeumann

    JAE History

    The goals you had for the JAE rigger checked off all of the boxes for me. Try and build a wooden kit for the first time, at an economical cost, and then try to get involved in model boat racing. It all worked and I have been racing for 2 seasons now with my JAE 12G4. Along with help from fellow local racers and this forum, the JAE is the reason I am enjoying this exciting hobby so much. Also the boat runs beautiful just by following the instructions which is such a bonus for me. A big thank you to everyone involved in developing the JAE, selling it, and continuing to support the design!
  9. Well said Mark! Great group of people here in our area that constantly go above and beyond to make boat racing allot of fun. I had a great time at the time trails and want to thank everyone in the club who hosted the event. As well as all of the clubs, raffle prize donator's, and volunteers for making 2018 a great season of racing in district 2 and the surrounding districts!
  10. BrianNeumann


    If you do not plan to use the proton receiver for a fleet of boats or cars, and just need one for a special purpose, there seems to be plenty of hitec lynx radios that come with the proton receiver in stock at many hobby stores. But if you are trying to convert all of your models to protons, it would get really expensive now that you cannot find them. You would likely have to use the non telemetry axion receivers. I really hope hitec reintroduces a receiver with GPS and telemetry in the near future
  11. BrianNeumann


    I emailed hitec a few months ago and they confirmed the proton receiver is discontinued. I run the lynx as well and the proton receiver with GPS was the main reason I bought it. It is a great radio with every feature there is. I have had no issues with mine.
  12. BrianNeumann

    District 2 Challenge

    What about your A Hydro Mike? Are you or your father entered in A Hydro? I am already nervous/excited about this race!
  13. BrianNeumann

    pistol grip transmitter

    The hitec lynx 4s radio with the proton receiver is what I use, and it is a great set up. It features all of the bells and whistles the other high end radios have as well as giving you receiver voltage, temperature readings, and a speed reading (when using the proton receiver.) The proton receiver has a built in gps that gives you the MPH reading. Now the problem is that they are discontinuing the proton receiver. There is a 4 channel and 2 channel receiver they will continue to offer as well as the Lynx transmitter. But I do like having a MPH reading to help with testing different things like props, pipes, etc... So it sucks they discontinued their best receiver for that radio. It basically makes the radio the same as the rest of the higher end radios. For me the reason I bought it was it filled all my needs and had the GPS which no other radio has. I stocked up on a few extra proton receivers for other boats. But for someone buying the lynx for the MPH capability, you are going to spend allot of extra money if you want to outfit other boats with that feature. If you can even find any extra receivers at all.
  14. BrianNeumann

    District 2 Challenge

    Hi Mike! A Hydro on DSM Thanks, Brian Neumann
  15. BrianNeumann

    Hall of Fame Inductee

    Congratulations David!