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    Miss Bud gas Mistake???

    That was me. Ya wanna hear something funny? I was browsing some photo's taken by a guy from the Unlimited Hydroplane Museum's tour of the Budweiser race shop. They had a 1/8th scale sitting on the workbench with this lexan deflector on the front. I figured if these guys did it it must work. We didn't get to take the boats out this weekend so we'll be trying what you and nitrosniffer suggested. PS: Foolwithtools, I'll take the carb. Wow, 46mph that's cool!
  2. 1/10 TFH

    Garmin Geko 101 GPS

    I have / had a 101 that is back at Grmin for repair. One of the buttons was not glued all the way and water got in. Just an FYI, I bought mine off of e-bay. When I contacted the service rep at Garmin for the RMA # he said they do not warranty ANYTHING purchased on e-bay, brand new or not. Thankfully, he ok'd the repair "this time only" Mine will be going in a ziplock bag from now on. They do work very well though if kept dry.
  3. 1/10 TFH

    Miss Bud gas Mistake???

    I think moving the motor forward should help. Please keep us posted. I have 2 friends with these boats.
  4. 1/10 TFH

    Miss Bud gas Mistake???

    My brother in-law has had one for about a month now. So far here's what we have done. 1. Changed the strut angle 2. Added a flap to the front wing (a piece of lexan) 3. Sharpened and balanced prop 4. Added a Tyndall turn fin 5. Installed a marine specialties clutch All of this has helped but we still have not been able to trim the boat where it should be. For one the CG needs to come forward. That's not an easy thing to do on this boat. The biggest thing IMO is that the wings are fixed in the WRONG position. Especially the front. It needs to be cut off and remounted with adjustability. As soon as these thing start going into the wind they sponson walk bad. We are gettin close though, next step is to ad a 257 carb to see if mabey the increased power will help drive through the walk. The only other easy option, I think, is to add weight to the front.
  5. 1/10 TFH

    Insatlling the windsheild ??

    I noticed that too. At least for the Oberto it seems that the windshield needs to come up and back just a bit. I was planning to use plumbers goop to mount mine.
  6. 1/10 TFH

    Spektrum radio system

    Where do you have the anntenea loceted with relation to the pipe? I'm planning to put one in an 1/8th scale Circus Circus. I've been using this system for a few months now in various electric boats and cars with no problems. But now I'm alittle concerned about my nitro 1/8th.