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  1. chriscrash

    KRE Carbs

    Ken how long till you have the 21’s available?
  2. chriscrash

    KRE Carbs

    I would like to get 2 for Nova .21, 2 for Nova .46, and 1 for CMB .67 thank you Chris
  3. chriscrash

    vision 20 and OS21

    200 for engine shipped to 47119?
  4. chriscrash

    LF race ready and proven Sport 20

    Like the title says. Would like to avoid whiplash since I already have one of those. Let me know what you have.
  5. chriscrash


    Awesome race run by even better people. Thanks for a great weekend.
  6. chriscrash

    L/f radio box lids

    Looking for lexan radio box lids. New a few of them for gas cats, monos, and other 5 boxes
  7. chriscrash

    L/f radio box lids

    Looking for me an radio box lids. New a few of them for gas cats, monos, and other 5 boxes
  8. Dont know if he is running yet. We shall see... need to get my registration card for the smokin joe though
  9. maybe one day it will see the water...... but very unlikely
  10. Sam Im running my smokin joe this year. Going to be at Madison on the 28th, then my Vernon first may weekend then Evansville May 19,20.... going to race as much as possible around my family lake weekends
  11. Fritz does sound right. It may look good with a rooster tail, but the risk of damage raises my blood pressure..... those graphics are not vinyl they are painted except for the real small ones...
  12. She was parked. Seat belt off
  13. Don't even remember anymore. Fellow boater Mike Starrett did the awesome paint work to it. Maybe he remembers seeing a label. Will ask him.
  14. 85 7/11. Not hitting the water anytime soon
  15. chriscrash

    L/F Sport 40 RTR or RTR minus engine

    Thanks guys. I have tracked one down locally here. Will see you soon on the water