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  1. normlee

    Pressure fitting placement

    Great info, thanks!
  2. normlee

    Pressure fitting placement

    Ok thanks, so you suggest the start of the flat section or just before
  3. normlee

    Pressure fitting placement

    Tried searching for the answer sorry. Where is the best place to put the pressure outlet please? It's a 15cc macs muffled pipe with 1" flat band. Thanks!
  4. normlee

    LF 7.5 powerhead

    Thanks Greg, will PM you
  5. normlee

    LF 7.5 powerhead

    Sorry outboard....
  6. normlee

    LF 7.5 powerhead

    Not K&B Thanks
  7. normlee

    Outboard and pipe id

    KRE here in AU will be able to help out with a new rod to keep you going. I have the same setup, not going to win you a state title but good enough for club racing.
  8. normlee


  9. normlee

    Looking for: a .90 NITRO MOTOR

    This beast would go well!
  10. normlee

    OS XZ M Speed

  11. normlee

    OS XZ M Speed

    The OS Speed 1/8 buggy engines are fantastic. Does anyone rate the on road watercooled version please?
  12. normlee

    Pipes for sale

    Hi mate, I will take the ops and aa pipe please. Need postage to AU. Thanks
  13. normlee

    Remote valve setup

    Thanks, very neat setup. So does height in relation to carb and hopper tank come into play?
  14. normlee

    Remote valve setup

    Hi, can someone please post a pic of their setup. Trying to work out best way on a htb 360 with height/location/linkage. Had trouble searching one up, sorry. Cheers
  15. normlee

    Looking for old OPS engines and parts

    Ops 67 next to no use, offers?