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  1. bzubee

    REDUCED - 45 Seaducer with Blackhead Picco

    Allan see post #5
  2. Great Carl should be a great event if weather holds.
  3. We run a contestant list and go by that list if it's your turn and you are not ready we move to the next name and you wait till the next round as for priority the 1/4 mile and 1/3 mile course buoys are out there all times we will remove a few buoys for the 1/4 mile attempts and if someone needs the buoys removed that depends on time allowed and how many people need them out and speeds running the lake has lots of room and usually buoys are no issue with running SAW.
  4. bzubee

    REDUCED - 45 Seaducer with Blackhead Picco

    I don't need the pipe.
  5. bzubee

    REDUCED - 45 Seaducer with Blackhead Picco

    I'd be interested in the Engine Tony!
  6. bzubee

    SAW event at Legg Lake

    Mike we have been running both IMPBA and NAMBA Records trials on the same weekend just splitting the days between the 2 organizations. This ends up being very contestant friendly !
  7. bzubee

    Auctioning Sonny Barrett's Boat and Parts Collection

    Doc I'll bid $25 for the spray gun!
  8. Means if time weather and contestants work it out ! Need weather to cooperate contestants interested in setting 1/4 or 1/3 mile records or if someone needs to oval bouys removed for a high speed SAW run the CD will try to accommodate the request/
  9. Huntsville Model Boating Association (18-038 RT) "Turkey Day Record Trials” Timed event for 1/16 mile SAW, 1/3 mile Oval, 1/4 mile Oval TIME: Event starts when timing system is operational – approx. 8 AM until dark Brahan Spring Park South Lake - next to Natatorium (indoor pool), 2111 Drake Ave., Huntsville, AL 35805 CLASSES: Any IMPBA legal boat/hull/motor can run. All IMPBA racing classes in Nitro, Gas & Fast Electric. 1/16 Mile SAW, 1/3 & 1/4 Mile Oval will be options at CD’s discretion. Pre-registration is not required –but please email Bill or Paul to let us know you will be coming. Plenty of room for tents and equipment. $25 flat fee run as often as weather permits. Fee is payable prior to first run. NOTE: Witching Hour Rules (1 hour prior to sunset) -- Only drivers whose boats have been within 5% of the record during the event, or that current record holder will be allowed to run on the short list. See flyer for additional short list rules. CD: Bill Zuber (256) 830-0835 email: bzubee@gmail.com Assistant CD: Rick Grim (245) 650-0859 email: uavpilot@bellsouth.net
  10. bzubee

    Fuel Punps

    I use the Six Shooter also plus you can convert it over for GAS
  11. bzubee

    Glow Head Locks Recomendations

    I just wrapped some radio box tape around mine it works great now.
  12. bzubee

    Auctioning Sonny Barrett's Boat and Parts Collection

    Doc are you coming to the lake next Saturday NOVEMBER 3rd for Practice? If so ican give you a check then and get the pipe from you and it saves shipping.
  13. Sam did you get the rudder in the mail yet?
  14. bzubee

    Auctioning Sonny Barrett's Boat and Parts Collection

    Doc I'll offer $25 for the #2 pipe.
  15. bzubee

    F/S: Odds and Ends

    I'll take #10