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  1. Jeffmaturo

    Prop Gauge

    Terry that is a very nice little unit. Did you make it? Tony, so that is a gauge you would recommend? Thanks
  2. Jeffmaturo

    Prop Gauge

    Was wondering how many guys actually use them and if so which one they use. Thanks
  3. Jeffmaturo

    StumpFAB's new twin Q tunnel build.

    Looking good. I like the oilers you are using.
  4. Jeffmaturo

    Stock 20 Tunnel

    Looks good, keep us posted how it runs!
  5. Jeffmaturo

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    The system they are looking at will count laps. No system currently available is capable of noting buoy cuts. Unfortunately no matter how a race is scored we will still need a CD and judges on the stand. With everything that has been stated within this discussion it still comes back to this: It takes 3 to make a class.
  6. Jeffmaturo

    Any use TORCO nitro?

    Wow I guess so...........
  7. Jeffmaturo

    Any use TORCO nitro?

    I was able to pull up prices from 6 months ago, it appears to have gone up 15%
  8. Jeffmaturo

    Any use TORCO nitro?

    I found it on eBay of all places and was surprised having never heard of it. I run Technology and Seaducer and love them both.
  9. Jeffmaturo

    Any use TORCO nitro?

    Just wondering how this fuel works....stumbled across it..
  10. Enjoy! https://www.facebook.com/RCboatingtoday/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARAGzE_LKwBhbD3HGv6nAxgYTm_dTw84wtHxvOgiEBUCGwE-C-CNBc0ujtpH6Gh7cJUs8AnpFoQDzSmF&hc_ref=ARSJ3K4TgbOszBj46WS3Q12fHDXW6LOpIOe_yDMtk0PyCAhHLqBe1f56b-moitBZo7k&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARBi5-LAEr6KoNUldDATlROYcWOiNaIEbeZvp11q7IOCAbniuhiP3JKIB4CClZ7ERwHmCkfz_uW7pPB_3Y6Cq9-g9l06NGXu0fH_skw58Qcru0W6inlu1fkpKO_coQRvpIGgUUxrem4tx2sVJsxBGVzSMpXfasU7RekmVTMSiflteu-224MZ1eCbYqKMnEN1ZQujKNWHWo6xEtCsRvZZb1w9pFc
  11. Jeffmaturo

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    We tried that one race with Nimh and Lipo. Back when about half the sparkies had LiPo. Ever been lapped twice? It's very confusing for racers, pit guys, and contest directors. Terry, I think time trials are a little different. New guy should know what he's getting into when he comes to a time trial. If I know I'll need to prove my boat is legal I'm bringing a scale. They're 20 bucks at harbor freight. I agree Terry, Dist 3 is voting now on a lap counting system. If it gets approved it will squash any confusion. If not, back to 3 makes a class.
  12. Jeffmaturo

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    I do have the solution. If there is not enough twins to make a class, (3) than run them with the singles and score them separately like other forms of racing. That way no one is turned away, they can run their equipment and it is fair for everyone.
  13. Jeffmaturo

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    Terry, That is exactly why I started this thread. This is one of several things that has to be looked at. The solution is simple, run twins separately.
  14. Jeffmaturo

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    I think just by talking about this we are heading in the right direction. Doesn't sound like it will happen over night but I think brought to a vote we can tell exactly what a majority of members want. Either way, I will support the decision and move forward. Lohring, I honestly don't know about that but as you have said, twins do have an advantage.
  15. Jeffmaturo

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    Doug always appreciate your input, thanks. I don't know if you have any current connection with IMPBA or NAMBA but I am sure with all your know how and helpful can do attitude you may be able to get something done. What is the process for bringing it to vote? I understand if you don't know, maybe someone else can answer that part. I know with you chiming in something is sure to get done! Kind of like the thread on OSE about motor rules for P spec