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  1. Rokieboater

    Soldering Jig for 1/4" flex cable

  2. Rokieboater

    .21 mono micro burst

    I have a hull with hardware. No holes drilled. Let me know if interested.
  3. Rokieboater

    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    Looks like we have 5 racers interested in the Sport 20 class. Once those guys get entered and paid in other classes we will add this class as official and get it on the race info and entry. I may have to get mine out for this race.
  4. Rokieboater

    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    THANK YOU Very much Bob. Hope you can make it out. We enjoy racing with you.
  5. Rokieboater

    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    Entry Information for 2019 NAMBA Nats You may enter at www.racemastersevents.com and pay for entry via Race Masters using PayPal. Afterwards, a follow up email and/or PayPal invoice will be generated to verify quantity of event tickets, T-shirts sizes etc.
  6. Rokieboater

    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    Fast Electric update: We will be allowing the following motors to run in all P-Limited classes at the 2019 NAMBA Nationals. 1. Pro Marine—Model PMRC3656 2030 Kv 2. Proboat/Dynamite—Model DYNM3831 A-3650 2000KV
  7. Rokieboater

    2019 NAMBA Nationals Sponsorship

    A-mono is being sponsored by NAMBA District 9. Thanks to all of the guys up there.
  8. Rokieboater

    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    I am getting quite a bit of interest in adding Sport 20. Guys want to race this class in memory of late and great Jim Wilson. We already have a sponsorship lined up if the class makes. Let me know via email if you want to add this class, Hollandframe@aol.com
  9. Rokieboater

    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    The Nationals Webpage has been completed and open. Please visit www.NAMBA.com and click on the 2019 NAMBA Nationals link. The entry is now open at www.racemastersevents.com Big Thanks to Dave Santistevan and NAMBA for building and hosting the website. Big Thanks to Karl Loveless for building and working out our bugs on the entry. Lets get entered
  10. Rokieboater

    3/16" shaft bushings 5 for $24 shipped

    Received and thanks again for all you do. Makes my boating hobby easier buying quality parts from quality people.
  11. Rokieboater

    Hopper tanks

    I had problems drawing fuel on a modded motor sitting on the back of the Lynx. Put a hopper up high and the draw problem went away. Stock motor has never needed the hopper tank.
  12. Rokieboater

    3/16" shaft bushings 5 for $24 shipped

    Sent funds for a set of 3/16
  13. Rokieboater

    2019 NAMBA Nationals Sponsorship

    I heard we already have numerous nitro classes sponsored as well.
  14. Rokieboater

    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    If you are wishing to get an additional class added to the schedule....... Gentlemen,1, Enter the Race2. Email us the class you wish to be offered that is not on the entry form.3. When we have 5 paid entries with request for an additional class we will offer it.4. We will not offer or add a class until we have 5 racers that have already entered and THEN requested an additional class. Been there done that.... Offered classes and the individuals never showed up.... had a bunch of two and three boat classes that had to be dropped and it was a pain.5. We want to make sure we accommodate as much as possible and this seems the best way.You can always contact Karl Loveless or myself privately if you need further clarification.Thanks for all of the interest and I hope we can add classes for you racers..Robert Holland
  15. Rokieboater

    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    We are willing to add or delete classes as needed. IF a group of racers wishes to add a class they can email me. Once the class has made 5 entries (e-mails to me) we will put it on the schedule. We will not add a class until these five racers have entered and paid. We want to be as accommodating as possible and are willing to work hard to ensure everyone enjoys themselves at our event. Hope that makes sense. My email Hollandframe@aol.com