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  1. KenOlvis


    If still available I would be interested
  2. KenOlvis

    F/S: .12 Twin Black Rigger

    Dang I mist that one
  3. KenOlvis

    CMDi & OPS engines

    Looking forward to running OPS in my New custom Twin.67/91 EAGLE Thanks Andy
  4. KenOlvis

    Picco 80 #2

    I'll pass deal to Joe Warren decide to run with new motors Thxs Ken
  5. KenOlvis

    Picco 80 engine #1

    Im interested in Picco.80
  6. KenOlvis

    Picco 80 #2

    Im interested both picco .80 listed
  7. KenOlvis

    SG Twin 67

    im interested in the both mac motors
  8. KenOlvis

    Looking for a AB 3662/3

  9. KenOlvis


    Hello Do you still offer Keps.21 nitro kits? I would like to know Price,available Thank you Ken
  10. KenOlvis

    State of Affairs for RC Boat Racing

    1)The Hobby is alive.just to many classes of boats,Spreads the hobby to thin. Some classes are growing some are not. 2)Few aproach as Pros not hobbiest. An ELITE few would do better An Elite class if you can qualify run the class an be reward.Gives us dreamers a goal or face reality an just enjoy the hobby.
  11. KenOlvis

    Phantom Outriggers and Bishop Aeromarine

    This is a message Joe Bishop posted on Facebook today. I'm posting this for the ones that don't have a FB Account. I hope the best for Joe. An yes I'll be ordering a few kits for my personal collection. His message follows (Hi Guys Well, I have fought the battle of my life and from what the doctors say, I have won. It has left me somewhat impaired as to my sight and health but I think I will be OK. The financial strain has been dramatic and has left my wife and I basically broke but as always we will fight our way back. As for the boat kits, I have thought long and hard on that subject and here is what I have come up with. I will build boat kits on an order basic only. In other words, when you order a boat, I will custom build the kit and send it to you. We will not be stocking any kits at this time. The only kits that are available, right now, is the PHANTOM II AB Ultra & Elite. You will need to expect a 2 week delay from your order date until your kit ships. The kits will consist of all the wood parts, the foam parts and a construction manual. The kits "WILL NOT INCLUDE ANY HARDWARE" such as fasteners, sponson booms, motor mount, turn fin, stuffing tube, strut, rudder, drive shaft, etc. The "QUICK ADJUST" sponson boom adjusters can be bought as a separate kit. The boats run very well without any extra adjustments but if experimenting with trim and ride attitude is your thing than the adjuster kits will be available. As I have said before, I have thought long and hard on this subject and due to my health and financial situation, this is the best I can do. I will continue to develop new boats and will introduce the kits as they come available. The main reason I have decided to go on with the development and production of my boats is the continued interest by boat racers from all over the world. The price of the PHANTOM II AB Ultra is $149.95 and the Elite is $139.95. This includes the rear exhaust cowl but the side exhaust cowl can be substituted or purchased separately. The side exhaust cowl kit is $39.95 if bought separately. The QUICK ADJUST kits are $39.95 for the Ultra and $29.95 for the Elite. These kits do not include sponson booms. Guys, I appreciate all your support through these very trying times and look forward to your continuing friendship! Joe. )
  12. KenOlvis

    Phantom Outriggers and Bishop Aeromarine

    Sir I believe the thread was started to get answers on why Joe Bishop wasn't shipped out prepaid kits.Your opinion on the intelligence of others is off topic!!!!
  13. KenOlvis

    Phantom Outriggers and Bishop Aeromarine

    Because it looked good and I dont race, if it needed modifing then I would have done that, the video of the 21 boat running was good, The video Posted on FB was the .12 at half throttle
  14. KenOlvis

    Phantom Outriggers and Bishop Aeromarine

    Yup, my thoughts exactly..DON'T have a problem with the design ,build ,craftsmanship A+++ runs great. Paint A+++.
  15. KenOlvis

    Phantom Outriggers and Bishop Aeromarine

    Hello I can't answer for Joe Bishop! FYI Joe offered to build me riggers for each class.He wanted to promote the the prototype Phantom II.I sent hardware for many boats an money for many to have built.I have received a total of 3. After noticing the cost to support the prototype was getting out of hand and others started reporting problems receiving there kits after I also sent Prepaid money to Joe for kits for person use. I have stop supporting Joe's prototypes. I also hope to receive the prototype's (PHANTOM II) THAT I Prepaid. I hope Joe dose send back remaining motors an Items sent to him to help develop the prototypes. I have no contract with him.I was hoping Jose an my twin PHANTOM II was going to be shipped. For those that Prepaid for kits from him Not sure if he will reply back. For me I was returning back to the hobby after being out since the late 70's the 3 Prototypes cost me a lot. Hope you all the best! Ken