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    21 Pistolario Any good for Heat Racing???

    i raced one for a season...the hull needed work brand new (it had hook in it), but it ran pretty well once i got it set up..never as fast as the seaducers and microbursts but that may have been my setup not the hull (novarossi rex 21, rossi tuned pipe) Joe
  2. _laxmasta2039

    What happened to "laxmasta"??

    mike, my parents are out of town, but ill call them and see about the race....i dont think i can get a ride up to the gas station though because i have nobody to take me. tonight is the homecoming dance for school, so if i can go ill call you around 6. about the fuel- ill definitly bring it if i can come, if i cant and you wanna come by and take it to the guys down there, send me an email and ill check it tonight and i can get it to you tommorrow morning, sorry i cant bring it to your house. Joe
  3. _laxmasta2039

    What happened to "laxmasta"??

    hey yall! yea i've been a bit busy chasin girls, but it's more just bad luck i havent made it to any races anytime recently. three times in a row, i either couldnt get a ride, or had something that i wasnt allowed to miss for a race... mike, no way im sellin my baby tommorrow it'll become one of two (a 77 ford 150 with one of those good ol straight 6's in it), but that doesnt mean im not still interested in racin. next race ill be there and we'll see how that boat does after sitting for 2 and half months...ill also bring 2 gallons of 60% redmax that mysteriously showed up on my doorstep, correct delivery from ups (i called and checked), i wonder if somehow they mixed it up with someone around here...don, kevin, anyone? if you're missing 2 gallons of 60% nitro, PLEASE let me know, otherwise it's goin to someone at the club who wants it for a couple bucks a quart. id just give it to yall but im trying to get this truck fixed up before my parents decide they dont want a big hunk of cr*p sittin in our garage and make me get rid of it. sorry its been awhile! my email is mmlennarz@earthlink.net for anyone that thinks i may have thier fuel. Joe
  4. _laxmasta2039


    daaaaaamn even a snotty inboard-only guy like myself is impressed wit that kevin, you oughtta get some guys at the club to play ob with ya...ill try if you wanna hook me up with a boat! hey just give me an ol clunker and you race that thing and you'll feel really good about yourself without ever riskin scratching your new baby Joe
  5. _laxmasta2039

    radio wanted/for trade/for sale

    hey yall, had a big race today and ended up with alot of trouble with radio interference, decided my jr xr2 may not be right for my situation so if anyone would like to buy it ill accept any offer even the unreasonable ones, as long as i dont actually lose money shipping it to you or anything....okay i take that back gotta be somewhat reasonable (bought it for like 110$ new) , radio is in pretty much mint condition w/ reciever MINUS an antenna (8 bucks from horizon), used it less than a season and take good care of it. since it didnt work for me racing i think it would be better for someone wanting a decent radio (step up from the crap you get in rtr kits) to run by themselves or with a couple other people NOT a crowded club race. i used a buddy's old futaba magnum pcm radio and actually ended up really liking it, does anyone have one of these lying around they'd be willing to part with for some paper pocket linings? or better yet a trade.... thanks in advance guys! Joe
  6. _laxmasta2039

    Help! I'm scared to build a boat!

    preston, heres a lil' trick we know out in goochland....go get some ping pong balls and scatter em around in your shop (especially in warmer places), the snakes'll think its eggs and swallow them....suprise suprise thats the end of them (ive never tried sh***ing out a ping pong ball but im bettin it's rather painful ) if you get rid of the black snakes though, could be that a copperhead moves in next... Joe
  7. _laxmasta2039


    shirt of his back? howbout just the parts/money he owes.....seriously, if some jerk can use the internet to scam people then theyve got every right to use it to let everyone know about it. sounds kinda weak to me that there's a whole club who races with him but wont confront him about his ebay stuff just cuz it doesnt happen to them and he's bigger'n they are.
  8. _laxmasta2039


    steve, look over on Jim's Rc Boat Dock. that's a gas-oriented forum and im sure you'll have better luck there. Joe
  9. _laxmasta2039

    District 12 2004 Spring Race

    hey guys, fellow district 12 member here (ODMBA)....what classes are big in yall's club? how many gas hydros? if someone can email me a race schedule that would be great, im probly headin up to johns-hopkins lacrosse camp during the summer and some racing while im up there would be cool. do you have a schedule? Joe
  10. _laxmasta2039

    My new MK-1 Supercat

    saugling, seems alot longer/thinner than the supercat sold by eddie barnes....do u know if that is correct? cowl is pretty, i hope you dont end up changing pipes, the turbine and that pipe look pretty sexy together you must have some serious cowl locking goin on there to be able to pick it up by that handle! Joe
  11. _laxmasta2039

    Yo Mike T.

    Gene, if he doesnt see that by sunday ill let him know, we carpool to tha races. Joe
  12. _laxmasta2039

    Let's get Dorkhedeos a boat!

    rodney, lemme clear up my part of the conspiracy for ya before this thread got started, i offered to sell raymond (dorkhedeos) basically everything he would need for a .18-sized rc boat (short of fuel, a hull, a Tx which he already has, radio box tape, an antenna, a rudder mount, a few of the screws in an engine mount, and some good luck). also with eric perez's permission (havent seen much of eric recently though), i would maybe be able to send him plans for one of eric's kickass little cats. we agreed on the price of 75$, which would leave him with a comfy 75$ to get building supplies and the other stuff in order to reach his target goal of 150$. the engine, along with almost all of the hardware, is new so i thought 75$ was a good deal that i woulda liked when i was building my first boat. the 75$ would be the last bit i need to finish my gas cat in time for the season, which starts next sunday. since then, everyone has given raymond a SWEET offer to help him get into boating, and my mom told me she'd lend me the dough i need to get my boat running (and buy that pipe from you don if you see this). so i told ray he shouldnt feel obliged to buy my stuff seein that the guys want to build him one from everyone's spares, and the idea he came up with is to (thanks to you guys ) watch rodney build a tunnel and show him the ropes, then when the tunnel is finished, and he can show his dad how cool (err addictive?) rc boats are and if he decides to go further, he'll buy my stuff and build either a mono or cat on his own, with rodney's guidance if he doesnt mind. by the time i stick this up there ray's probly posted the same thing, but oh well here it is anyways. Joe
  13. _laxmasta2039

    Noise Commentary in IMPBA Roostertail

    dont we elect the impba officials? how long till this batch's terms expire? seems to me, a large majority of us arnt stupid and understand that a db limit is needed, so we should be able to elect officials of the same mind. btw, Preston are you bringin any of those rented boats ta the odmba points race sunday? Joe
  14. _laxmasta2039

    Let's get Dorkhedeos a boat!

    guys, as far as i know he's still planning on buying the stuff from me (a new pullstart .18 kb with everything needed for everything except a rudder mount and radio box lid and pushrods), im hoping if he decides to go with a donated hull he'll let me know i was gonna finish building the .12 rigger i had and send it to him with all the hardware in it but he told me that his parents were only letting him do a boat because he was building it himself, so i dunno if a donated hull would be allowed....i wish he'd chip in here and let us know what is going on. Joe
  15. _laxmasta2039

    engine and parts

    i went throught the exact same thing a couple years ago....im 15 now and i race at a local club, gas cat. if i were you id start out with whatever you can find used for cheap. if you wanna build, you could do what i did the first time...build your own small mono/catamaran using plans and buy the stuff you need used. ive got a strut, prop, rudder, and .18 pullstart engine, manifold, pipe, seein that i was in the same position a while ago id definitly sell it to you very cheap....also have the plans to a sweet little cat im building right now designed by Eric Perez i could send you if its okay with him. the only down side to that is if you've never built anything small from plywood before and never driven anything nitro rc it would be very hard to get it working well without any help, but if there's someone in your area (which there probly is) they could help you, and the guys on here are all great, and DEFINITLY know what theyre talkin about. badminton? durn the west coast is different.....then again yall probly dont have lacrosse. btw are you a niners fan? Joe
  16. _laxmasta2039

    Help for a newb

    is it a 1/8th scale or 1/12th scale? (.12 dynamite nitro engine or zenoah g23 gas engine) if its the nitro (1/12th scale) one then there are tons of mods that can be done to it, look back through the pages and you'll find some posts on it that should help a ton.
  17. _laxmasta2039

    Ouch! That Hurts.

    hmmm.....crackin on the poor elec guys about run time.....shame on yall.... how many of you nitro guys can run all 3 heats without refueling at all?? ya thats what i thought paul, just how many cells would it take you to power a 50-some inch cat? cuz it only takes me 1000ml of gas... sorry guys, had ta go and make this a 3-way battle. i started boats with electric, started racing with nitro, and starting winning national championships with gas [okay well im not the national champ YET but the last step is always the hardest to climb ] Joe
  18. _laxmasta2039

    Miss Budweiser

    take as much off the header as you can without shortening it till its hard to get the rubber coupling on. (as much off being as much of that 1 inch as possible). and take the rest of that inch off the pipe. Joe
  19. _laxmasta2039

    Prather 3.5 Outboard Hydro- Spitfire

    Kevin, i had a 3.5 OB rigger for a while.....does yours have a turn fin? if so, where is it located? the left turn should be possible, not saying it should turn well to the left but it shouldnt flip if your just adjusting to make a good straight away. Joe
  20. _laxmasta2039

    Climate, you've got competition!

    aww ron you got my hopes up when i saw the title..... any progress with getting some Hammerhead .12s on the market??
  21. _laxmasta2039

    Carb relocater intake

    following up what matt [bubba] said in what i hope is a little more polite tone, what exactly is it that your selling? all question of whether it works or not aside, i sure hope you dont intend to sell a BH hanson header and manifold as a "relocator kit" and charge more than hanson does. a great way to get publicity as well as proof that it works [honestly can you blame anyone for being dubious? ] would be to send a kit to some well-known racer, such as the guys at M&D. Joe
  22. _laxmasta2039

    Carb relocater intake

    phmracing, has it been tested in a boat? im wondering how someone managed to get air to the carb when the relocator would put it in or close to the nose area of most cats/monos set up for heat racing.
  23. _laxmasta2039

    Carb relocater intake

    come again? great velocity? seems like it would have alot less velocity since it has to travel down a big ol tube to get into the cylinder.
  24. _laxmasta2039

    Are these hulls any good?

    any estimate of the speed? most days at my club, any 20 mono that can get around the course at decent speed without flipping all 3 heats gets at least 2nd.
  25. _laxmasta2039

    Rules for saw

    power adders?