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  1. Joe Wiebelhaus

    OPS 45 Crank inspection

    That engine sure looks like a Picco 45.
  2. Joe Wiebelhaus

    Old school OPS .21 case

    Dave, I offered 3 engines and parts to you a couple years ago, pro cranks, rods, new engine, lightly used engine, and a back up, pretty cheap ! lmk
  3. Joe Wiebelhaus

    District 2 Challenge

    Scale DSM Sport 40 DSM
  4. Joe Wiebelhaus

    Happy Birthday Robin Enneper

    Happy Birthday Robin
  5. Joe Wiebelhaus

    Silent Engines Tom Driver

    R.I.P. Tom, known the Drivers for a long time, Tom will be missed. Joe & Paula Wiebelhaus
  6. Joe Wiebelhaus

    Celina Summer Challenge XXVI

    Despite all the bad weather reports, The Celina event went down without a hitch, Great job Gary and Dan, Steve Ball, and the retrieve boat crew..... congrats !
  7. Joe Wiebelhaus

    2018 Hydrofest, Burton MI- August 12

    Sport 40 dsm Scale dsm
  8. Joe Wiebelhaus

    NAMBA strut question

    John, We will pursue this for clarity matters, possible IMPBA rule addition. It appears to be a concern for some.
  9. Joe Wiebelhaus

    Shaft issues

    Remove all the grease, use some light oil, re-insert, feel the rotation for binding, are you using a long brass bushing on the prop end of the shaft ?
  10. Joe Wiebelhaus

    NAMBA strut question

    Shannon, So what is the dimension from the transom to the forward face of the prop hub, with spacing for the flex shaft ? See my pdf example sheet. Take a pic with a ruler next to the strut. (ruler, what an old term)
  11. Joe Wiebelhaus

    NAMBA strut question

    pm sent
  12. Joe Wiebelhaus

    NAMBA strut question

    As promised, strut photos ! HOT As you can see, most of these struts extend beyond the transom anywhere from 2" to 6" max, or just under the bottom of the boat.
  13. Joe Wiebelhaus

    Birthday boy phil

    But what about Celina ? Phils birthday is always that weekend.
  14. Joe Wiebelhaus

    NAMBA strut question

    Sam, No documentation that I know of, I;ll pull some pics from home to show 3-4 typical examples of current and old struts. Matt, if you use the leading edge of the prop as your datum point, it doesn't matter what size your drive dog is in length.