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  1. Mark P Adams


    Looking to buy a 40 DJ carb. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you...
  2. Mark P Adams

    nova 91 carby

    Any updates from Nova??
  3. Mark P Adams

    nova 91 carby

    Ron, Mr. Gordon asked a question and I gave the answer of my experiences since I've been running it. I know for sure that the carb is in past the internal o-ring because I can feel the bump when I push it in to place. After tightening the carb bolt, my thumb has a perfect circle which is the same size as the outside diameter of the carb intake from holding it in place. And, I'm well rehearsed on how to set the end points of push rods. No stones being thrown here, just letting Mr Gordon understand what I have had to deal with. I'm not a engine designer so I don't know the solution to correct the defect.
  4. Mark P Adams

    nova 91 carby

    Yes. Quite a few times and have gone through 3 carb bolts so far trying to tighten but end up stripping the hex portion. I actually had this problem again recently at a race and stripped another bolt, now have to order more for myself plus replace the one I had to borrow again from a friend at the race. I've informed Ron about this and didn't seem to concerned about it to inform nova, Italy, about the issue. My opinion is that the carb doesn't sit deep enough past the internal o-ring causing it to push it up and out after the engine is running. Ron's cure is to remove the o-ring around the neck of the carb allowing it to settle deeper into the engine. However, if we have to do that to fix the issue, to me that is a design/manufacturer defect of this engine. If something isn't done to correct it, I may end up dropping this engine and go back to running the CMB Evo-101. Maybe Ron can comment if he's had any conversations with the manufacturer since he's been made aware of this problem and what they plan to do about fixing it.
  5. Mark P Adams

    L/F PCM 1024 Receiver

    Looking for a PCM1024 FP-R113iP 3 Channel Micro Rec. FM 27MHz. Thank you for searching, Mark Adams
  6. Mark P Adams

    B/S Andy Brown Props

    I'll take the 1455 and 1460. Do you have the pitch/cup measurements for these props. Thanks
  7. Mark P Adams


    Thanks for the offer. I'm going to pass to the next person.
  8. Mark P Adams


    I'm interested in it. What year was the boat built. Thanks
  9. Mark P Adams

    KRE carbs

    Hi Ken, please send message with PayPal info and price. Thanks, Mark Adams
  10. Mark P Adams

    KRE carbs

    I'll take a nova 91 as well. Thanks, Mark Adams
  11. Mark P Adams

    KRE carbs

    I would like 2 nova 46. Thanks, Mark Adams
  12. Mark P Adams

    Bob Violet Mixture comtrols

    Walt Barney
  13. Mark P Adams

    L/f pcm1024 micro fm 27mh receiver

    Thanks Mike. I'm on a trip right now and will be back next week if I can contact you then. Thanks for the help.
  14. Mark P Adams

    L/f pcm1024 micro fm 27mh receiver

    Thanks for looking. Hoping somebody has one available. Fp-R113ip 3 channel micro receiver. Thanks, Mark
  15. Mark P Adams

    Anybody know what novarossi this is ?

    Anyone know if another carb besides the slide barrel that will work on this engine.