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  1. Stuart Barr

    Setting timing on a CMB alpha 27

    Buckshot is right on setting. CMB makes a dial indicator that screws into plug hole for doing this. Makes it much easier for measuring proper setting. I have these in stock. However, I am going to be gone for 10 to 12 days. Stu
  2. If I have more than 6 people step to the line, you may have to roll the dice for a chance. Plan on Tom's "pie" before you roll. See you soon! Stu
  3. Some more rules for the "Sale" Only one participant per role and one motor only per role. Roles of the dice will be qualified by the administer. Off the table, no count, three tries to keep on table, otherwise you are off the table. I think I will only put six motors out there for winning. If there are more that want to do this and step to the line, we'll roll the dice for chance to participate. Joe, if you are looking for the "red light", you'll miss it. Not sure why I am doing this. Just a chance to give back and have some fun.
  4. Stuart Barr

    1/6th Scale Winston Lobster

    I did not see any advantage of the steel pipe over the aluminum. Plus the aluminum pipe is very quiet. Stu
  5. Dave, Your 100% off motor is already in the raffle. The CRAPSHOOTER SALE will have some rules: Cash only sale, if you step up to roll the dice and you do not have cash in hand, we'll throw you in the lake. Administrator of sale (me) has the ability to suspend the sale at any time. Once discounts reach $1000, sale is done or I run out of motors. Sale is for motors only. I do not want to conflict with raffle on Saturday with this thing. Plan on sale on Friday evening and I'll post "we are ready" when I set off a small flashing light at our tents. Tom, please bring your apple pie for this thing. If not for the participants, ME. Thanks, Stu
  6. I am thinking about doing a SALE at this race that I have always wanted to do. This would be a sale in "CRAPSHOOTER" style. This would be a chance to win a discount from 10% to 40% off CMB motors. Any interest? If so, I will put it together. Stu
  7. Stuart Barr

    1/6th Scale Winston Lobster

    I found 110 octane at Jackson Oil Co. They also have 113 and 116. Tried the 113 and saw no difference.
  8. Stuart Barr

    1/6th Scale Winston Lobster

    Put two more bolts holding the strut blade where there is only one now. Stu
  9. Stuart Barr

    1/6th Scale Winston Lobster

    Tom, You will need to add more bolts to hold the strut blade. My strut has 3 10-32's to keep the strut stationary. Stu
  10. Stuart Barr

    1/6th Scale Winston Lobster

    Dave, Give me a call if I can help you. (317-462-9978) Stu
  11. Stuart Barr

    CMB Crank Balancing

    Thanks guys. Y'all beat me to the punch.
  12. Stuart Barr

    Looking for a new in box mac 67 or CMB greenhead 67

    Price is the same, $570.00 Stu
  13. Stuart Barr

    CMB Crank Balancing

    Craig, A balanced crank helps plug life at high RPM. Stu
  14. Stuart Barr

    .90 Sg ready for the winter nitro race

    Danny, I may have some old triple plug heads if you want to go further . Stu
  15. Stuart Barr

    1/6th Scale Winston Lobster

    Gilbert, I will have to order the modified Walbro carbs. Not sure how quick I can get these in. I have the new EVO 2 carbs and backplates in stock. Let's take this off this thread and communicate by email now. My email is crpshtr@aol.com. Thanks, Stu