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  1. Contact CMB direct. Their site is www.cmb-motori-italia.com. You are looking for a carb mounted third channel needle assembly. Stu
  2. Stuart Barr

    CMB Crank Balancing

    Please refer to the new thread posted on the "HOW TO" forum for this service now available. Stu Barr
  3. Stuart Barr

    CMB Crank Balancing

    We finally have a source for balancing the CMB cranks. This is a two tungsten slug recommended for only the CMB 45 VAC, 45 V.5, 67 HR, 67 HR EVO and 80 HR. All the other CMB motors DO NOT need this. The balancing increases the pug life for those that like to run these motors a very high RPM (like me). Please contact Kent Ballard at rcboater1@hotmail.com or call him on his cell phone at 515-689-5609 (central time) to have this service done. Price has been set at $65.00 per crank. This includes return shipping by UPS. Stu Barr
  4. Stuart Barr

    Glow Head Locks Recomendations

    Dave, I had the same issue a few years back. Got an all metal glow plug socket from Hangar 9 (product code HAN120) and this is very durable. Stu
  5. Stuart Barr

    Mendota flyer

    What is the address for the pond? Stu
  6. Stuart Barr

    Stu Barr?

    He beat me to it. GO AHEAD.....MAKE MY DAY!
  7. Stuart Barr

    Mendota flyer

    Ron, that is too bad. I was hoping to run against you again. Stu
  8. Stuart Barr

    Looking for a new in box mac 67 or CMB greenhead 67

    Other than head color, what's different? 8 port liner and balanced drum.
  9. Stuart Barr

    2000 CMB Gold Head 45 Disk engine parts

    I doubt the newer parts will fit. Use your calipers and give me the numbers on the parts your looking for. Email me at crpshtr@aol.com Stu
  10. Stuart Barr

    Nitro Nats 2018 Rollout

    If only had a golf ball ready when the moon peeked out, I would have gone for a "hole in one"
  11. Stuart Barr

    Nitro Nats 2018 Rollout

    Where was JJ's camera when I got "MOONED" by one of the contest officials. I'm still recovering from the trauma. Stu
  12. Stuart Barr

    CMB 27 ALPHA'S

    OK, one motor left in my shop and ready to sell. New crank installed last night. Stu
  13. Stuart Barr

    CMB 27 ALPHA'S

    A mount includes both rails, rubbers and hardware. You can call me at 317-462-9978.