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  1. Old Sloppy

    coverted a pro boat thundercat electric problems

    70,000 rpm ? Your not getting that from a nitro motor....or gasoline.....You could throw a prop blade..... Harry
  2. Old Sloppy

    36" whip motor choice, 1520 Castle vs 1717??

    The 1717 is quite popular.
  3. Old Sloppy

    not a happy lipo

    Just take it outside and Drive A Nail Through It , just don't wimp out, hit it quite hard. then just sit back and enjoy the show. (lots of toxic smoke and flames too ) Harry
  4. Old Sloppy

    Air Dams - A Question

    isn't an air dam actually "adding drag" ? would adjusting the CG % be a better answer ? Harry
  5. Old Sloppy

    rum runner forum

    Aaarrrr!! The ship is sailing once again!! Yes, Rum Runner is baack in the saddle... Harry
  6. Old Sloppy

    shotkey diodes

    No I agree with Matthew. I allso want to add , Never use one if your motor & ESC has reverse. I have seen brushed boats with reverse.. Harry
  7. Old Sloppy

    Keeping the reciever dry !

    Andris, DO what Darin says. I did it and it works AWESOME and you can take the stuff off with no problem if you need too. Thanks Darin Do what Darin said....I have pondered his system and I like it. Harry S.
  8. Old Sloppy

    Battery question

    I have been told 140 degrees is the absolute limit for a motor. Any higher will damage it internaly. Remember heat is the enemy. I can't tell you how long it will last. I can tell you to put a GPS in it to check the speed. Harry S.
  9. Old Sloppy

    Lipo Lowdown From My POV.

    Andrew, Where I live Max Amps 10 AH cells (10C) cost $50 each, 6 times $50 = $300. Also 10C = 100 amps. Harry
  10. Old Sloppy

    Replacing batteries in a Stalker Radar gun

    Just when is the Atlanta races ? (dates please) Harry
  11. Old Sloppy

    Results: NAMBA West Coast Time Trials

    Awesome speeds, Wish I was there to watch.. Harry S.
  12. Old Sloppy


    REDUCED - 150.00 SHIPPED- FINAL OFFER. You have a P.M. Harry
  13. Old Sloppy

    Yeah baby!! Gimmee that Ebay speed!!!!

    What about the "front and rear bearing differentials" ?
  14. Old Sloppy

    40" Dumas Skater Cat

    This comment hits the nail on the head..... I will try the sponson correction. What about a H & M Supercat XL ? I can get one used ( good price ) it is 50" long & it is wider too & it is a good quality peice too. I am just sport running & I believe the OPS .80 will push it fast enough to have fun.
  15. Old Sloppy

    Yeah baby!! Gimmee that Ebay speed!!!!

    I have an actual weed wacker, it will do 70 mph ( in the back of my van on the interstate )