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    My latest video: Fiberglassing (how to)

    Thanks for the great video. It's too bad we can't get De-natured Alcohol in Canada. I use MAS and they said I could use Lacquer thinner to thin it but, it did not work very well or I mixed too much and tried to cover too large an area.

    Bergeron sport 40-2

    You do amazing work Sebastien! Maybe you can make me a scale hydro one day. So beautiful!! Ray

    2014 IMPBA CAN AM - July 26 & 27

    Also a big shout out to the guys that came from the Quebec area and other far off places in Canada and the USA. Love the sport hydros the guys from Quebec build, beautiful works of art really and giving me a great run for the podium when they draw 1/2 the amps. It was a great learning experience.

    2014 IMPBA CAN AM - July 26 & 27

    I know it's EXTREMELY late to comment on this event but, I would like to thank all that were involved with making this event happen. I had an awesome time as did Wendy my GF. Special thanks to Bob Steiner because without his generator I would have not been able to run my FE boats and do as well as I did. Thanks Bob, you really are a special guy in all good ways. Thanks to my club NLMBC, this was a really fun time. The only thing I wish we had more of was entrants with FE boats. Yada yada yada politics egos whatever... it was a lot of fun and some missed out. Thank you everyone that attended and helped me up the hill and up the drivers stand in my wheelchair. Very sorry I did not post a long time ago.... I'm trying to get my head out of my Azz and it's not easy. Cheers and hope to see you all and more next year!!

    Marine Brushless Motors high end - which bands to recommend

    TP POwer motors are nothing to scoff at. Their new line of 4070's are quite robust!! 3rd place in Q-Sport at the FE Nats with a TP Power 4070 motor.....

    sport 40 cowl

    Wish I did this with my 40. I ran out of time and had to utilize the stock cowl adding extra material to the tub. I may give this a try and remove the extra wood on the tub. Of course I'd have to hollow it all out for esc and motor room.

    Fs - Neu 1521 1.5D Motor

    Dibbbidy do daaa'd on OSE
  8. Warranties, well lets see what Tommy Boy says about warranties.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEB7WbTTlu4 Seriously, you guys like Castle esc's not because they were so much better than Chinese esc's but, because of the warranties and when numbers like 20:1 failure rate come up, are they really that more reliable than a Chinese esc with little or no support but, 1/2 to 1/3 the price?

    FYI: 2014 NAMBA FE Nats

    What is a good motor, prop, Batt combo for the P-offshore class? Not limited, open P-offshore...

    Whip sport 40 propping

    Thanks Bert. This gives me the confidence that turning a big wheel is going to be o.k. Back to work on it.

    Whip sport 40 propping

    When I find the approx. correct prop I'll give you a shout for some tweaking.

    Whip sport 40 propping

    Hey Howard it's Ray S. I thought Mike Pages was running his Whip 40 at the MI Cup witha 1250kv 1527 1Y and turning about a 55mm prop. I was getting worried a 55mm prop would case too much prop walk. I'll start smaller anyway. Hopefully the custom motor being made for me by TP Power will be a bit high in the KV range like 1300 or so. I asked them to make me a 4070 1Y with approx. 1250+ Kv It will be done in a few weeks but, the hull is just started. I may call Brian Blazer or Mike Pags and see exactly what he's got cooking in his. It's nice to know what size prop the nitro guys run so as not to go to big on prop. we will see. I sold the Sirius 1580Kv motor hoping the 1250kv would be less amps. Off to the electric section I guess... Thanks Guys.
  13. Hi guys, I'm building a Whip sport 40. My question is what rpm do the (nitro I assume) engines run at unloaded and loaded? What size props can you turn with a 40 size engine. I ask not because I will run a 40 engine, rather it will be electric but, it's important for me to know what size props nitro guys run and what rpm as well so I can be turning approx. the right sized prop. Would 27,000rpm loaded be enough? What size props? I could ask in the electric forum but, maybe I can learn more by asking people that have run this hull much longer with nitro than my electric power.

    Spark arrestor

    Although the 'spark' may tell you caps are working does it also hurt the caps with such a spike of voltage?

    Castle speed controls-Good price

    If they would learn from Schulze and add a second set of driver fets it would go a Looong way for their reliability.