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  1. I'll take six of the double set screw for the quarter-inch cable. Thanks Vernon Newson
  2. vernon newson

    Twin Eagle SGX with Nova 91s

    Danny King excellent job outstanding performance you're going to be very hard to beat boat looks super fast very strong
  3. vernon newson

    The Evil Twin 90 SGX

    Congratulations on the win Charlie boat looks Fan-Tastic
  4. vernon newson

    67 Crapshooter on fb

    www.seaducerboats.com (954-493-7387)
  5. vernon newson

    New motor upgrades And paint

    Boat looks awesome Charlie, I seen some footage of it running sounds mean and look super fast good luck at winter Nationals.
  6. vernon newson


    Cool can't wait
  7. vernon newson


    WOW sounds good😁😁😁
  8. vernon newson


    Fantastic Dave Roach I am definitely interest also please keep us updated when you get two thumbs up let us know want to try to get ahead of some of these guys cuz this is going to be a hot commodity thanks in advance Vernon Newson
  9. vernon newson

    Old Dog Gets New Life

    10-4 vernon
  10. vernon newson

    Old Dog Gets New Life

    Woo Ray sweet-looking mongoose also. Hey Michael I am running the twin plug CMB cam 80 pick it up from Tidewater engineer back in 1989 engine is still in top condition just had Andy Brown replace bearings up-to-date mods motor should be a beast running on a fat belly black CMB pipe set 11.5 I seen this boat on the cover of radio control boat magazine set up with a big block OPS 90 fell in love with it immediately found out who was the maker and bought it( Andy Brown) when I get home I'll shoot over some pictures truck driver NeverEnding Story.vernon
  11. vernon newson

    Old Dog Gets New Life

    Oh yeah very smooth looking old school mongoose sweet that Mongoose should be very fast with that setup awesome.I have the 80/ 90 boat still my favorite.VERNON
  12. vernon newson

    New Fiber Rigger...nitro verson!

    That's a beauty I would like one too
  13. vernon newson

    The Evil Twin 90 SGX

    (Sweet)that's coming along really nice Charlie Siler love that color !!!!
  14. vernon newson

    20170504 194442

    No problem glad to be able to help.
  15. vernon newson

    20170406 183425 001

    Very good question Charlie well there's only one guy that does my motor work( Andy Brown😎) he said he would get back with me he's going to check and see if there's any (performance game) been so busy with work when I get home everyone is close. We will give him a call in the near future and see what he has came up with .this supposed to be a secret but now it's expose but it's all good thanks for the interest talk to you later