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  1. I have run about 1 quart of overly rich fuel through this engine, its tight, never been raced. Between all the gear you need to carry with you to run nitro, and how big of a pain it is to get good fuel around here, I'm going to all FE. The hull is for sale also, but being a Shallow tunnel Bandit I don't think there is many guys wanting to race it, so unless someone wants the whole package, I'll hang on to it and maybe convert it to FE some time. Close up shot of the motor (taken 5mins ago)
  2. 1BS

    Gold head rossi OB, like new

    Yes it is. I found the original Rossi box last night also. I will PM you my info. Jim
  3. 1BS

    Gold head rossi OB, like new

    Still for sale. Motor is a 3.5cc
  4. 1BS

    Gold head rossi OB, like new

    Ok, I'll PM you.
  5. 1BS

    Anyone running a big electric mono?

    awesome, used to run my tunnel boats in the flats standing in ankle deep water all the time. also used to ride in my uncles aquasport along side of the boat to see the running attitude at speed, R/C still had 10 mph on the big boat at WOT (45) but it was fun, 7.5cc with an open pipe sounds awesome when you are 10' away from it.
  6. as the title states... what brands, hardware, etc? Not looking to break any records or race.
  7. 1BS

    Anyone running a big electric mono?

    That is a sick rig Bill. I like that hull design.
  8. 1BS

    Rum Runner Racing forums

    Thanks man, I'll give that a go... sorry to come off like that, that email kind of rubbed me the wrong way, thats all.
  9. so I try to register and I get this message WTF? I registered and jumped through all their hoops and I get this? I don't cause headaches on these sites and basically all I wanted to do is search and see gallery pics. I usually wouldnt post this on another forum (personally I hate when people do this), but the email didnt even come from an admin that I could reply to.
  10. What are you guys running? How do you like them? where did you buy them from? Looking for opinions on both packs and chargers. I'm 100% sure on sizes and "voltage" - just not sure on what manufactures are envogue these days. haha.
  11. 1BS

    New Video Wildthing

    Thats the hard way to check the head clearance, LOL. take the glow plug out, turn a piece of solder in an L shape (so the small end of the L is half the diameter of the piston, and parallel with the piston top), stick it in the top of the engine and turn it over once. pull the solder out, and measure the flat spot with a pair of calipers. theres your clearance. you can then determine if you need to remove shims, etc.
  12. The brushless motor I have is a Neupower, looks like those cells are the way to go too. Ive also heard alot of good things about Hyperion charger/balancers. some of this stuff is getting pricy hopefully I dont need new batteries every month like the old nicads
  13. 1BS

    3.5cc bandit tunnel/rossi/lawless

    Whoever it was from Cape Coral that mailed me, hit me again, I accidentally deleted it before I wrote the # down.
  14. Bandit tunnel with Rossi power (quart of fuel through it) and lawless drive. havent ran it since the fresh paint. Bought a seaducer that I am going to run locally. had every intention to run this, but no one else has 3.5 tunnels. 350+ shipping.
  15. 1BS

    3.5cc bandit tunnel/rossi/lawless

    thats just it, tampa is 3 hours north of me, and If I travel, its going to be with a boat that I tow plus, I use these things just messing around by myself more than anything, and even the slightest waves or wind, and i'm going swimming.
  16. the R/C one that is :rolleyes: PPG Deltron 2000 base coat in "impluse blue metallic" with silver bottom and stripes. PPG Clear. Not bad for a hack painting it in his driveway with yellowjackets landing in the clear and walking all over it :eek: theres a little body work on the tips from where I had a radio hit and drilled a rock at about 15mph, but overall im happy with it. probably would have came out better if I started with a brand new hull. before after and yes, I'm going to paint the stand next.
  17. theres a tap coming off the front of the pipe going to the tank, it just isnt hooked up. Jack, thanks for the offer, I might swing up there some time and run with you guys
  18. http://cgi.ebay.com/MAXNC-10CL-complete-CN...sspagenameZWDVW If you have any questions, you can ask me, its mine. Also, If someone from this board buys it I will leave my OB steering arm and jackplate drawings and programs on it. Just let me know. Jim
  19. maxnc 10CL 3 axis mill (4 axis for $500 more) 6" y travel, 8" x travel, and 6" z travel, with 100% made in USA controller and servos, Less than 10 hours use (probably less than 5) alligned table indicated to .0001" X-Y axis. Z axis is indicated to .0005" all axises tightened down to spec. $500 worth of assorted small endmills from 1/64"-3/16" collet set goes up to 5/16" now the good part... Control computer, 450mhz pentium 3 dell, loaded with autocad 2002, Autodesk inventor, and MASTERCAM. complete ready to go setup $6000 the only reason why I am selling is i need a bigger shop and a bigger CNC (for real boat stuff). there is $ to be made on this, but I cant afford the big one untill i sell this baby, I hate to see it go. this is perfect for modelers, plug it in the wall and go...
  20. 1BS

    Complete CNC setup, FOR SALE

    OK TTT $3000 no software other than the maxnc stuff with that you can still do the machining it just takes longer.
  21. 1BS

    E-Bay POO POO!

    the red head looks like it has gotten HOT as hell... it only takes like 350+ degrees to fade anodizing
  22. I keep reading about how good these octura props run, I have tried both the 440 and the 442, and after 5 props each i cant make them run with my best 220 prather... thinned, balanced, sharpened, tweaked, cut down, added pitch, i have tried it all. Is there something i am missing here? the prathers consistently run 5 mph faster than any octura... speed is recorded with a gecko gps in the boat with an almost empty fuel tank and no extra lead in the front (in other words, race weight) all test run with a bandit tunnel- rossi powerhead/lawless lower I think the rossi still needs some pipe work, but it runs good.
  23. well- changed the pipe on the motor and the 220 ran like DOODIE.... ran the 440 with a bit of cup and it woke the boat up. now I am running the same speed, but more RPM and better acceleration.
  24. im running 52 relatively consistently with the prather, best of 47 with the octura. remember, thats straight line with a mod motor, I think once the motor gets a half gallon through it, i might pick up some r's... the prather 220 has cup added to it, thinned blades and is a good bit cut down in diameter, it hooks up and runs good. interestingly enough, my slip numbers are just about the same between the props, but the extra pitch of the prather gives me the speed. Today I really boffed at lunch running the boat- the water tube mount came loose and the water tube got into the prop, bent my cavitation plate up, twisted the flexshaft and ripped the teflon tube all to bits, luckly my stainless prop is unschathed... hopefully fred (lawless man) will get the e-mail I sent him. I have something going on thursday and friday, and dont really want to "rig" the boat to run right.