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  1. Duke Mordja


    Grim, Does the 7PX store top speed or is it "live" only?? Looks like a great radio. Thinking of updating my old 3PM with taped antenna and many 603FS's that have been flawless for 7 years. Duke
  2. Duke Mordja

    Starters For Sale

    PM sent to Jerry.
  3. Duke Mordja

    Starters For Sale

    i will take it $50 plus shipping. Shipping to 53168. Super Hi Tork starter. Thanks
  4. Duke Mordja

    Starters For Sale

    I'll take the Super Hi Tork starter for $50.00. (The white one) if still available. Shipping to 53168
  5. Duke Mordja

    Phil Thomas lobster boat hull

    Nice boat Larry. Hope someone in D4 buys it and races it. Better yet, you decide to keep it and bring it to race.
  6. For you racers in IMPBA D4, interested in racing 1/8th scale (nitro or electric) or gas Scale, please use the attached PDF file below to register your scale. Please complete and return the form. Note that the registration fee is waived this year. All races in D4 (including St Louis Thunderboaters races) will be counted as D4 Scale Points races. With nine races in D4, there will be two "throw out" races. Racers Top 7 races will count. Double Scale Points will be the Riptides September 7/8 race. Usually this race runs 4-5 rounds and a lot of points can be captured at this race towards the season high points trophy. 1/8th Scale - season high points racing in D4 - is going into in its 45th year!!! Any questions, please let me know. Thanks Duke 2019 IMPBA D4 Scale Registration.pdf
  7. Duke Mordja

    Engine Bearings

    Mike, Bearings arrived. Thank You Duke
  8. Duke Mordja

    Engine Bearings

    Mike, PM sent. Look forward to see how these SKF bearings hold up compared to ones from BOCA in my 67/80 engines. Thank you for sourcing these for the boating community.
  9. Duke Mordja

    Silent Engine: Chuck Young 14518 CD

    We will miss you at the club. RIP Chuck.
  10. Good to see you still buying boat stuff.


  11. Duke Mordja

    Engine Bearings

    Mike I would like to order 4 sets of #3 (67/80) Thanks for finding these. PM payment info please. Duke Mordja
  12. Duke Mordja

    CMB Crank Balancing

    Awesome news.
  13. Duke Mordja

    Happy Birthday John Beardslee

    Happy Birthday young man.
  14. Duke Mordja


    Thanks Riptide club for a great race weekend. Awesome job getting in Five rounds with 125 heats. The offshore course is a great addition. Thanks for letting me run the Miss Madison for a few laps around the offshore course. Left turn was fun. Duke