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  1. Duke Mordja

    Engine Bearings

    Mike, Bearings arrived. Thank You Duke
  2. Duke Mordja

    Engine Bearings

    Mike, PM sent. Look forward to see how these SKF bearings hold up compared to ones from BOCA in my 67/80 engines. Thank you for sourcing these for the boating community.
  3. Duke Mordja

    Silent Engine: Chuck Young 14518 CD

    We will miss you at the club. RIP Chuck.
  4. Good to see you still buying boat stuff.


  5. Duke Mordja

    Engine Bearings

    Mike I would like to order 4 sets of #3 (67/80) Thanks for finding these. PM payment info please. Duke Mordja
  6. Duke Mordja

    CMB Crank Balancing

    Awesome news.
  7. Duke Mordja

    Happy Birthday John Beardslee

    Happy Birthday young man.
  8. Duke Mordja


    Thanks Riptide club for a great race weekend. Awesome job getting in Five rounds with 125 heats. The offshore course is a great addition. Thanks for letting me run the Miss Madison for a few laps around the offshore course. Left turn was fun. Duke
  9. Duke Mordja


    Impressive. Nice job RipTide club.
  10. Duke Mordja

    Mendota flyer

    Thanks Duke you never know whats going to happen, if you were running fast as usual I wouldn't have caught up. i started fast and first but with the lap penalty for the bouy hit. You're welcome Phil.
  11. Duke Mordja

    Hall of Fame Inductee

    Congratulations David. I look forward to many years of racing with one of the best ever.
  12. Duke Mordja

    Mendota flyer

    Thanks to the Minutes Breaker for hosting a great race. Experiencing Gary and Bob Preusse's dedication to this race, makes the weekend well worth the trip. Congratulations to the 2018 1/8th Scale Concourse winner - Brad Maglinger with his Miss Circus Circus Canard. The repeat winner of the Silver Cup for 2018 was Phil Thomas. Phil proved once again that being in first place only matters at the finish line. Phil started out a lap down from the field. Nice Job Phil!!!
  13. Duke Mordja

    Mendota flyer

    Looks better than my scale already brad. Miss Madison still needs the paint shop in a bad way.
  14. Duke Mordja

    Mendota flyer

    1/8 Scale GAS Thunderboat - E Hydro or the twin. Will be fun race. Brad can't race scale. He is one of my good luck pit men in Mendota. Besides, he just won a big race...... LOL My ace pit man is coming this year. Bring the scale Brad. Lets Race!!!!