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    Wanted 40 tunnel complete/rtr

    Mike A fair offer could could make me part with mine . ERNIE
  2. 1ernie lafleur

    IMPBA Internats Format

    I like the current format . It provides more competition for a given boat . This format also determines the all around boater . Most of the time trials that are spoke of , the competitors use special boats that you should never see at an Internats. If the last two formats were to be used IMPBA would not have fund the US1 plaques. ERNIE
  3. 1ernie lafleur

    Blowed up motor....

    Frank Paul Stirton in Australia can hook you up with a bar stock piston and a rechromed liner for $135.00 . They have a real sweet fit . If you need contact info for him call me at the shop , 409 296 2052 . ERNIE
  4. 1ernie lafleur

    OPS 3280 pipe

    Dang Chris you sure was fast with that reply ................
  5. 1ernie lafleur

    OPS 3280 pipe

    You guys aught to think about angles and volume , and not who manufactures a certian pipe . ERNIE
  6. 1ernie lafleur

    Jay Halbrehders HTV hull

    As much as we can without creating drag. Rather use small wings over adding weight but we do both. MIC I bet all of that frontal down force stuff will change after you get that power trim installed . ERNIE
  7. 1ernie lafleur

    .45 cmb on woodstuff hull ? what prop?

    Junior I won all 7.5 tunnel events at the IMPBA nats with a Woodstuff 40 in. boat and a gold head evo 45. The propeller I used for heat racing was one of my modified 1914 ABC props. I also used this same prop to get quickest two lap time . In the straight a way event ,I made my fisrt two passes with this same prop , then changed to one of my modified 1916 ABC props to get the fastest straght pass . Another thing that helped in all of these performances was the POWER TRIM . Give me a call if your interested in purchasing any of these items mentioned . ERNIE
  8. 1ernie lafleur

    Twin F mono

    Jon Most of my success was done with both props turning the same way . This caused the boat to run on its right side which was sort of like running a flat bottom boat . "Take note to how Jerry Crowther runs down the straight" This leaning over to the right side also helped carve very quick corners . When counter rotating was tryed , the lap times was never as quick . The boat seamed to handle better in race water cause it was riding on the "V" of the hull . With this more upright attitude corner speed was not as good. ERINE
  9. 1ernie lafleur

    Sounds rich....blows plug

    Mike Are you burning the wire or blowing the seal ? ERNIE
  10. 1ernie lafleur

    Nitro boats - FS (Updated list 7/23)

    Bob Looks like you might have to plan on attending next years internats to get something out of these boats . Dosenot look like the the market will relieve you of your assets. ernie
  11. 1ernie lafleur

    Garage Sale

    Hey TOM Don't let go of the three blade gas prop , I will pick it up in september if you don't plan on using it. ERNIE
  12. 1ernie lafleur

    picco headers for sale

    Allen You might want to check the new postal rates. ERNIE
  13. 1ernie lafleur

    cutting a prather prop

    Moparbarn Don't shy away from Prather props for 3.5 mod tunnel . I have had good results with a sharpened and balanced 215 . It is very docile on the low end and can produce real good top end with a short pipe with a 14 degree convergent cone . If you need more info on the whole setup combination , I will be glad to share . ERNIE
  14. 1ernie lafleur

    glow plugs F/S

    Glow plugs are sold pending funds. Ernie
  15. 1ernie lafleur

    Gas engine class(es)

    I do plan to build a gas tunnel using the MHZ lower which has other than a 1 to1 ratio . I am thinking the smaller prop on the higher ratio will be good for handeling . I hope the rules dont limit things to the 1 to1 only. ERNIE