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  1. Marty Slater

    old goat birthday Wally

    dang Wally i am all for it BUT have you looked out the window today?
  2. Marty Slater

    old goat birthday Wally

    sure hope it is a fantastic day for my OL friend get out an enjoy this day hope to see you this summer
  3. Marty Slater

    Happy Birthday Mark Voorhies

    its just getting going this week sounds fun
  4. Marty Slater

    Happy Birthday Brad Maglinger

    hope it is a good one Brad marty
  5. Marty Slater

    Happy Birthday Mark Voorhies

    all right Mark hope its a good one marty
  6. Marty Slater

    LF o/b k&b parts

    yep call Gary
  7. Marty Slater

    Happy Birthday Alan Elzer!

    have a GREAT day Alan marty
  8. Marty Slater

    Delrin question.

    maybe but this ol simple minded goat will look into forming threads Mikey witch hole did you tap?
  9. Marty Slater

    Happy Birthday Rodney

    hope it is a great day olman marty
  10. Marty Slater

    Mendota flyer

    very nice pic's Mike marty
  11. Marty Slater

    Mendota flyer

    could not have said it better Wallster an thank you for helpping me all weekend marty
  12. Marty Slater

    Mendota flyer

  13. Marty Slater

    Happy Birthday Larry Conrad

    Dam LC is 60 hope it was a good one
  14. Jerrys boats are a blast to build over the years I have built 12 or so