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  1. goldorak

    For Sale - JAE 12G4 Rigger w/ SuperTiger 18 Engine

    Hello, I’m very interrested about your rigger. The price is OK for me but are you agree to send it in France. I pay the delivery and paypal fund . Regards.
  2. goldorak

    Jae 21FE or nitro

    Hi Gil, I will order a hydro kit to Joe the next few days, as you said electric version is made for electric use... Andy, My wife buy the kit to OSE offshore electric and it's a little bit difficult to send it back because i live in France. Thanks everyone...
  3. goldorak

    Jae 21FE or nitro

    Hello, Manual inside the box is for JAE 21FE, item: 6503. regards.
  4. Hi everyone, For Christmas my wife offer me a JAE 21 FE. But i'm a nitro guy and i didn't know the difference between the 2 kits from zippkit and overall dimension. Did you know if the electric kit can be use for a nitro engine and what's the change to do. Regards.
  5. goldorak

    .12-.18 Mono Hull

    Hello, Did someone know were i can buy a new one of the FG widthing hull. Regards.
  6. goldorak

    Just Bought a Used JAE .12 and I have a few ?

    Hello, Did the hull or engine are always to sell ? regards
  7. goldorak

    Lightning .12 with new NR .12 and more FS

    Hello, I'm interrested, how much about 1 NR.12 with flywheel and flex colet 1 Mac pipe 1 AB 15N pipe 1 V937/3 prop 1 X637 prop 1 HS-225MG servo international shipping and paypal. Regards.
  8. Hello, I just bought phill thomas super sport 21. I want to know if the strut need to be a 90 degree to the bottom or if a positive or negative angle should be place. One question again,did the strut have to be center or a little left or right. Regards.
  9. goldorak

    CMB RSV07 .21 for sale!

    Hello, I'm also interested about your engine, please PM the shipping price for France with the cheapest solution . Regards.
  10. goldorak

    CMB Valvola

    Hello, Did someone know the difference between RSV07 and 2009. regards.
  11. Hello, I've seen in Aeromarine website there is several 21 flex collet for engines like CMB, OPS, PICCO. But all 21 engine are with the same, 1/4-28 threated crank shaft. The only difference is small or standard pattern. Do you know if there is pilot ? If you understand some things on this flex collet please, explain to me. Regards.
  12. goldorak

    JAP/JAE .12G construction

    Hello, Someone (Rod, Tchedoff) can pinned the turn fin plan. Regards.
  13. goldorak

    0.12 pipe

    Hello , I'm looking for a good pipe for my novarossi engine 0.12. I see some model but what's the best and wher to buy. Regards.
  14. goldorak

    .12 Rigger

    Hello Jack, I've sent a PM. Regards.
  15. goldorak


    Hello, Some news about 21 version. Regards...