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  1. steve wood


    I used a depth mic for almost 40 years. Due to some manufacturers moving to dished pistons,I recently moved to a dial gauge. The dial gauge is way more accurate,and left me wondering why i took so long to convert.
  2. steve wood

    Custom Du-bro push rod threading and sizing - DIE Help

    i use 17-4 ss rod from mcmaster carr
  3. steve wood

    Delrin question.

    delron is a misspelling of delrin.delrin is a brand name for acetal copolymer
  4. steve wood

    Delrin question.

  5. steve wood

    Delrin question.

    Drill under size ,standard tap,long bolt, no problem. Doing that way for 20 years
  6. steve wood

    LTB 3/4 hp, 115v motir

    shipping would be more than the motor is worth. i got one a a pawn shop once. they had a whole floor full of them
  7. steve wood

    WTB Mac .500 bore carb

    i will send it today or tomorrow. you send check
  8. steve wood

    Sleeve shims for a nova dd 46

    i checked the ones i have,and they match up with what i had wrote in my book,and with the size you sent me. they slide on a .984 gauge pin perfect. i have several sets in stock
  9. steve wood

    WTB Mac .500 bore carb

    i have one with a hardened tool steel barrel,cut for a cmb. $65to to your door
  10. steve wood

    Websites Selling RC Boat Stuff

  11. steve wood

    I.W. Access

    i have lost my password on my phone and ipad and can not recover it,and am locked out on them. had the passwords saved in my notes in my phone and verizon lost them when my phone was replaced,so help is needed,and i have tried to get it on here to no avail
  12. steve wood

    Liner Shims

    i have no idea if cmb has changed their liner size. the only size i show for cmb.mac,and k & b, is .991 x 1.085. the vac 45 i have .987 x 1.175. all liner shims are in sets only,.003,.005,.010, 1 of each size, no singles sold,unless you want like a 100 of 1 size
  13. steve wood

    Liner Shims

    i have 13 sets of them in stock. they aren't on the web site,as i don't have a "good" relationship with the web master. i really need to have someone redo that.
  14. steve wood


    only 7075 t6