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  1. steve wood

    Websites Selling RC Boat Stuff

  2. steve wood

    I.W. Access

    i have lost my password on my phone and ipad and can not recover it,and am locked out on them. had the passwords saved in my notes in my phone and verizon lost them when my phone was replaced,so help is needed,and i have tried to get it on here to no avail
  3. steve wood

    Liner Shims

    i have no idea if cmb has changed their liner size. the only size i show for cmb.mac,and k & b, is .991 x 1.085. the vac 45 i have .987 x 1.175. all liner shims are in sets only,.003,.005,.010, 1 of each size, no singles sold,unless you want like a 100 of 1 size
  4. steve wood

    Liner Shims

    i have 13 sets of them in stock. they aren't on the web site,as i don't have a "good" relationship with the web master. i really need to have someone redo that.
  5. steve wood


    only 7075 t6
  6. steve wood

    stuff for sale

    see pics in previous post
  7. steve wood

    stuff for sale

    radio shack db meter $25 plus shipping orginal blackbird(g1) cowl mold and plug that mold was made from $150 plus shipping home made prop anvil with 5 balls $50 plus shipping
  8. steve wood

    stuff for sale

  9. steve wood

    Hydro dipping

    Rocky Will had some boats done. get ahold of him
  10. steve wood

    What if?

    Cooper had a real struggle getting quality castings made for the 21 outboard pipe. That’s why no one makes them. I talked to him at length about this when he was making the s pipes for me
  11. steve wood

    Parts for sale

    i will pay pal you some money
  12. steve wood

    Parts for sale

    I owe you some money. Shipping was less Than i thought it would be
  13. steve wood

    Parts for sale

    blades are $50,pivot blocks are $35
  14. steve wood

    Parts for sale

    yes i think i have 4done. you need the cmdi style pivot block. i have those also