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  1. ryrycnc

    Carbon-carbon Pistons

    Christian would a carbon sleeve and piston work well together? Or would one need to be made from an opposing metal?
  2. ryrycnc

    Titanium Propellers

    It's a 38 1.9
  3. ryrycnc

    Titanium Propellers

    We have a little 30 taper ares. It's just like a robo drill if your familiar with those
  4. Figured I would share what I have been working on. I cnc'd these titanium propellers out of a solid bar of 6al-4v titanium and anodized a couple of them too. Let me know your thoughts. I know the edges are a little jagged in spots. I still need to buff them smooth and polish them but that's how they came off the machine.
  5. ryrycnc

    .21 lynx for sale

    its up on ebay if you are interested here is the link http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=320248374217
  6. ryrycnc

    New Lynx 21 Tunnel

    Yeah give me your # last weekend i was blown off of ki and went to a place in granite falls that will probably always be smooth as glass so i dont know if i will be going to ki much anymore.
  7. ryrycnc

    New Lynx 21 Tunnel

    Hey charley thanks again for letting me use your props even though i lost one. I took my boat out agian after i got home and i ran ok but then i leaned it up and the prop would just spin in the water and not catch. Do i need to lower the outboard?
  8. ryrycnc

    New Lynx 21 Tunnel

    Yeah he set the cg on my nemesis and i didn't even really get how he did it. I think he balanced it on his fingers if i remember correctley.
  9. ryrycnc

    New Lynx 21 Tunnel

    I made an aluminum plate out of some 1/4 6061 i had in the shop and I must say it is so much easier to adjust the outboard now. I dont know why anyone would want to use nuts after doing it this way. I will have to come down next saturday jerry. It will just be a fun run right?
  10. ryrycnc

    New Lynx 21 Tunnel

    yeah got it on friday and put it together that night with a little help from some ca glue.
  11. ryrycnc

    New Lynx 21 Tunnel

    I will come out and race but i just want to get the boat dialed in before i race it.
  12. ryrycnc

    New Lynx 21 Tunnel

    No looks like you are. Where do you usually run your boats? I was up at lake kai i believe is how you spell it.
  13. ryrycnc

    New Lynx 21 Tunnel

    That sound s good. Where are you located? You must be down South because it was too cold to run if you were very far north of me. What engine are you running on it? Mod or Stock? -Carl 82455[/snapback] I am in arlington,Washington north of dunlap about an hour and a half. It was pretty warm here about 55 degrees. It was cool there were a couple of guys at the lake running boats which never happens.
  14. ryrycnc

    New Lynx 21 Tunnel

    I just got a lynx and took it out for the first time today and i was impressed it handles very well in the corners and flys down the straight.
  15. ryrycnc

    Needle settings for cmb .21

    The top end needle is the knob on the side that is knurled right?