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  1. Grimracer

    OPS Collectors

    Should be getting a pic from the kid.. let me know if this is the boat you remember. Grim
  2. Grimracer

    OPS Collectors

    I dont know.. let me check.. Grim
  3. Grimracer

    OPS Collectors

    I have a new on in the box too... Grim
  4. Grimracer

    nitro catamerans

    you can run it in E hydro! Grim
  5. Grimracer

    Fuel Punps

    Mike.. under the decal on the pump is a M3 set screw. pull the decal off and adjust using a 1.5mm allen wrench..if the pump was locking up just turn it out a 8th of a turn.. all it takes is a VERY small tweak. Also.. a Viton Oring make a good replacement for that silly rubber flat washer they have in there. (Seems to me its a 1 1/4" .062").. maybe 1 1/8"...) Grim
  6. Grimracer

    Sure seems dead around here.

    Just about knocked the wind out of himself with that one! LOL Grim
  7. Grimracer

    Sure seems dead around here.

    thats one serious signature there Carl! Grim
  8. Grimracer

    Rigger style hull in sport 40

    its NOT MEANT TO BE A SCALE CLASS.... Its meant to be a full body hydro "sport" class. No more no less. Grim
  9. Grimracer

    OPS Collectors

    Yes.. that is what I understand! Mike
  10. Grimracer

    OPS Collectors

    John.. ITS ALL CAM!...lol
  11. Grimracer

    OPS Collectors

    by the way, is that your Octura Wing Ding? Huey
  12. Grimracer

    OPS Collectors

    Well, The owner wants me to put it on Ebay for him.. As soon as it goes up I will let you all know in the FS section. Thanks for all your input guys... and the nice offers. This was a mere fact finding post and most of what was mentioned was known (i have those same magazines) but just was trying to gain info on a price for him. Regards Grim
  13. Grimracer

    OPS Collectors

    it is.. over square. Grim
  14. Grimracer

    OPS Collectors

    Thanks for the offers.. Let me check with the owner to see what he is willing to do.. this was more a fact finding mission BUT.. these are some very nice offers and I dont want to toss them out. I will check back soon. Grim
  15. Grimracer

    OPS Collectors

    I have seen most of this info.. thanks all for looking.. the pic flip was nice Ray! Not sure peters was NIB.. he must have taken it apart or run it for the article. anyway.. its not getting donated to ANYBODY.. not by me.. its not my motor LOL Thanks everybody. Grim