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  1. Grimracer

    .21 mono micro burst

    RTR or hull? Grim
  2. Grimracer

    .21 outboad Whats the best servo to suit.

    The servos you have are not too bad. Having said this what I have found is that you want as much power in a tunnel boat steering servo as you can afford. Speed.. NO.. Power YES! Super fast speeds are a hindrance to us and we just don’t need them (we don’t use electronic stabilization!) My tunnels (Sport Tunnels) have 250 oz in OR MORE in them.. Also.. please consider closely the voltage you are going to operate the servos at. Don’t go outside the voltage callout for the servo. MORE POWER! Grim
  3. Grimracer

    rc drag racing

    John, I built tanks for a group down in FL.. SUPER COOL stuff! You could knock this out of the park.. they WANT BLING! Grim
  4. Grimracer

    Another Ebay Special or Legit? Tommy lee.... Rod G.

    allot about that boat is Rod.. the wood work.. not as much BUT.. if this was a record boat then OK.
  5. Grimracer

    Hopper tanks

    Its funny John.. years ago I placed some fuel in a clear tank.. I plugged it and taped it to the top of the boat. Expecting to see the fuel "act up" ... this was going to be fun.... what happen.. NOTHING.. the fuel just hung around in the back of the tank.. slow down.. turn what ever.. LOL.. No question.. if your fuel is low.. and you have to make a LONG correction.. you will likely take in air.. unless you can keep fuel at the pick up.. (A hopper is not the only solution!) Having this SUPER HIGH TECH test under my belt..LOL.. I am TOTALLY open to learning more about fuel in our boats. Ya never know... Sounds like Carl as some knowledge in this area. Number one for me is tank height. I will take a high CG over a low fuel draw ANY DAY.. Grim
  6. Grimracer

    Hopper tanks

    do tell! Grim
  7. Grimracer

    Hopper tanks

    Diddo with the Boss I have never lost a race because I did not have a hopper tank. I have tested them a bunch and they just were not worth it. I have not used a hopper in years and see no point in adding one now.. Grim
  8. Grimracer

    Skid Fin for Crackerbox

    When I designed the Gunslinger for Aquacraft I did a butt load of testing on fins and drive placement.. I for the life of me cannot remember where the fin ended up..LOL Seems to me it was round 25% but I just dont remember. I was however WAY surprised about the placement of the drive. Off the transom and down the keel line IS NOT the best way to set this up. Grim
  9. Grimracer

    2019 D4 Races

    I will take a set too Grimracercnc@yahoo.com Thanks Grim
  10. Grimracer

    2019 D4 Races

    Crickets! I suspect we will hear soon! Grim
  11. Grimracer

    Paint Scheme For My Gas Boat

    Mike.. keep in mind.. Florescent colors dont do well with UV.. Grim
  12. Grimracer

    Buid a custom metal Gas tank

    The way I view it.. and this is the way we approached it when I had Power Surge Racing Products. My competition was two fold. Plastic tanks at 6 bucks each or Currently on the market metal tanks for 50 bucks each we offered a 34 dollar tank that had a "what ever the customer deems practical grantee" In all the years of making and using the tanks I have built.. I have NEVER had a brass line break or spider crack AS long as I used the brass as we spoke of above. (some are now 10 years old).. still running the darn things. We used K&S tin that I bought by the 250' roll..LOL.. I still have about 1/4 roll.. (I have found all kinds of uses for that old roll of tin!) To this day.. I have NEVER had a customer complainant that I was not able to remedy. Each tank was cleaned and pressure tested BUT.. stuff still got out.. Sometimes the rosin I used would be hard to get out of the tank.. or.. a seam might have a pin hole.. (we always covered it) They did not need to be the best tanks one could buy.. they needed to be the BEST for the money! At one point.. I had a ME buddy of mine come in a build tanks once a week. he would build on Thursdays an I would clean and package on Thursday nights.. we would ship Fridays. Then I would get to spend the weekend building more!..LOL Then one last thing.. THANK YOU to all the customers that purchased our tanks.. John... Walt.. you have the market and I wish you all the best. (good products...please support them) Grim