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  1. John Finch

    Are radar guns accurate for boat speed?

    Stalker radar gun is the way to go. Like Jim said. Straight on with the boat coming at you or going away. I have been using mine for about 20 years and it is spot on. If you want to have fun and not prepping for record trials leave it at home or you will spend hours upon hours trying for that next mph. It is the fastest lap that wins races so for heat racing use a stop watch. John
  2. John Finch

    Carbon fiber radio interference?

    My first all carbon rigger built for SAW was lost due to the carbon. It was the old antenna system where the whole antenna wire needed to be exposed and I had about six inches exposed above the boat lid. At the time I did not know carbon was an issue. This was about 20 years ago. The boat ran into a gazebo at about 90 to 100 mph and was completely destroyed. I could not find the engine but after much looking found it in a 55 gallon can further down from the gazebo. I know most of us are now using DSM but like Daniel said......one of the two antennas are in the receiver with my Futaba receiver so it is still a risk for good reception if only using one antenna on a carbon hatch. John
  3. John Finch

    Silent Engines Tom Driver

    Prayers going out to Cindy and family. So sorry to hear that Tom has left us. John
  4. John Finch


    167 boats! I will be bringing the Steve Speas cup for someone else to win this year in the super stock class. It is a traveling trophy that Jim Skelton thought up in Steves memory. It is an actual cup like Steve used to carry to the races. You couldn't let him borrow ice from your cooler to fill his cup or you would need to get another bag of ice after he filled his cup. LOL See you guys at the race! John
  5. John Finch


    The scrap lumber went back in the lumber pile. I will bring a new cat and the purple flame rigger. Just signed up and motel booked. John
  6. John Finch

    Name that Hull

    Not a Twin Craft. John
  7. John Finch

    1/8 Scale rules question

    I have one 10s scale and one 8s scale. They both run great with their respective NEU motors and I get the same speed out of both. I just wish they were more popular a class. Mine are sitting on the wall waiting for someone to play with while the batteries are just getting old like gas going stale. They are fun to drive and in my opinion a very good boat for electric racing. If making more engines legal is the answer please allow them. John
  8. John Finch


    Wow! look at all that paperwork! And just starting the IMPBA trials today. Congratulations guys!!!!! John
  9. John Finch


    Gotta pick which boats to race. HMMMMMM.
  10. John Finch

    Virtual wind tunnel testing.

    Bummer, good thing you got it back, I know the work involved in putting one of those together. Wedged sponsons is on the list for the guys in the field. Terry, I buy a pack of door shims at Lowes. They come in a pack of about a dozen shims and they are already wedge shape. You just put them on the sanding wheel to smooth them out and size them. Quick and easy. John
  11. John Finch

    Virtual wind tunnel testing.

    Sorry Grim dude, not quite following ya there? No one I know of has had more pond time than you John, that's for sure! Have tried running w/o the fin but prefer a real small one, maybe I'll give that another shot. Could be just a bit better technique blipping the throttle to get it around the corner. I remember it well, K Dawg just brought the template out, I never copied it. I did remember you guys running a 36" tub tho, mine was 30" at the time. Any guess how long my G2 and G3 tubs are? 36 inches? Hey, on cornering, try a wedge under the sponson but less width than the sponson so when the boat comes off plane the sponsons ride on the original sponson bottom but the wedge is under the water holding the sponsons like a turn fin. At top speed the wedge is on top of the water but for cornering it is in the water. Added photo up top of post and upside down but hey, just tilt your head left. LOL John
  12. John Finch

    Virtual wind tunnel testing.

    Paul, Making a SAW run can be difficult when you have to come up to speed with a super light boat with a lot of power and a small rudder. I think running SAW is more difficult than running ovals because of the transition from cornering and turning on the pipe as you set up for a SAW pass.
  13. John Finch

    Virtual wind tunnel testing.

    You may be right on the prop lifting more when the recurve is less. Like you said, it is a balancing act. I ran wedges under my sponsons so that a 3 degree angle of attack on the original sponson bottom turned out to be much more. I changed wedges for more or less angle and riding width. Lots of pond time. Found for turning the boat without a turn fin the width of the sponsons was very important. They had to dig in a bit so the rear of the boat would come around at slow speed. I have a whole file cabinet full of different width sponsons for SAW. Trent got smarter and built a set of sponsons where he attached different bottoms pretty easily. Kentley gave you patterns for the SAW boat I took the 60 SAW record with before Martin took the record. Kentley built it for me as a payback for the first record boat he had that I scratch built for him. Think back....Remember E-city years ago. I thought he gave you templates for the boat.
  14. John Finch

    Virtual wind tunnel testing.

    Terry, Same movie different theater. I tested recurve on my nitro riggers about 15 years ago and had three boats set up the same except for the recurve. I also changed the amount of recurve on the boats in 1/4 inch increments. I tested them and used the radar gun to get speeds. This does not mean that what I found is gospel but I found the less recurve the faster the speed. Not by much, but faster. When I got to 1/4 inch from no recurve the boats would sometimes stuff on occasion. They were 45 size hulls. Rather not say what manufacturer as I don't want to get into design conversations with them. When the bottom was totally flat all the way to the transom the boat would stuff more often. The manufacturer had plenty of recurve and the boats heat raced well. At the time I was just doing heat racing but it probably applies to SAW. When setting up for SAW runs with my gas sport hydro with a flat bottom boat I ran a bead of cyanoacrylate along the last 1/16 th of an inch on the bottom right at the transom to see if it would push the bow down while on plane and the boat would not launch. It would cavitate and not get up on plane at all. Just that small hooker would not even get the boat up on plane! Amazing stuff. I ended up using small spoilers like the photo of mikes sport boat that Lohring showed us on the NAMBA article to keep my sport boat on the water when I eventually changed it from a SAW boat to a heat racer with a wider tub webbing to the sponsons. I also wired a third channel to a carbon fiber wing in front of the tub suspended between the sponsons and it was super sensitive on burying the bow or lifting it. fun stuff but bottom line for me is set up a boat that does not need wings or other aerodynamic devices if at all possible. You know you have the plans to a SAW boat that will easily do 120 mph, so why have you not built it?
  15. John Finch

    Virtual wind tunnel testing.

    Terry, When my riggers had prop blowout I just moved the sponsons forward to put more weight on the prop and that worked perfectly. Also, if the front sponsons are too narrow that causes blowout. I also found the recurve at the transom to not work as well as a flat bottom for faster speed. Just what I found on several boats. I like your scientific approach. Lohring, Nice article. Makes me want to join NAMBA so I can read your stuff! I play with the same things mike does and in fact his sport gas hydro looks very much like the one I set the IMPBA record with. Funny how we are worlds apart yet doing much of the same things. Love experimenting with boats!!! John