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    Hello, I have a brand new Whiplash 21 kit still in the box that I would sell. Thanks, Arne.
  2. arne kantola

    A few flawed Eagle SGX cowls @ low prices

    Payment sent Andy. Thanks again.
  3. arne kantola

    A few flawed Eagle SGX cowls @ low prices

    Hey Andy, I would like to buy #2 cowl. Zip is 83813, Thanks, Arne.
  4. arne kantola


    Hello, I would like to buy the eagle 90 turn fin and a 3rd channel fuel mixture valve for a 90 engine. Thanks, Arne.
  5. arne kantola

    Tiapan FE 6S rigger

    Hello, can you tell us what size motor and what size ESC is in the boat? Also, what size prop for heat racing worked best on this boat? Thank you, Arne.
  6. WOW!!! Congratulations to Brian Buass on the electric Record! And Congratulations to Mark Grim on 4 gas Records!!! 2 very talented individuals. Impressive, good job.
  7. arne kantola

    Happy Birthday Al Hobbs

    Happy Birthday Al. My birthday today also. Arne Kantola.
  8. arne kantola

    WTB OS9b Carb

    Hey guys, I am looking for a OS 9B carb also. Thanks, Arne.
  9. arne kantola

    G and M Models

    I should have a K&B 67 20 degree header. Might be able to check tomorrow. Working to many hrs rt now. See ya, Arne.
  10. arne kantola

    OPS 67 & parts for sale

    Does it come with a carb?
  11. arne kantola

    SG Sponsons (Used)

    Can you call me at 208-290-2130. Thanks, Arne.
  12. arne kantola

    SG Sponsons (Used)

    How wide and long are they? Thanks, Arne.
  13. arne kantola

    Carbon sheet

    I work with carbon everyday and also use a jigsaw with a grit jigsaw blade from Home Depo. Cut parts from .020 thick, up to a 1/4" thick. Cut outside the line and block sand with 80 grit to the line.
  14. arne kantola

    Supertiger 18 w/exhaust (Vegas Deuce)

    Ok, adress is, Arne Kantola PO Box 36 Cocolalla, ID. 83813
  15. arne kantola

    Supertiger 18 w/exhaust (Vegas Deuce)

    ok< i will buy the motor. Will have to finish the paypal info. tonight. Would still like to talk to you on the phone. Thanks again.