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  1. aaron alberico

    WTB Muck 15cc pipe

    Guys after one or two Muck 15cc pipes. Anyone got some they want to sell. Regards Aaron
  2. aaron alberico

    Two new Steve Muck 15CC pipes

    Any else have Muck 15cc pipe for sale? I’m after one or twin myself. thanks
  3. aaron alberico

    1/8 scale boat weight

    Thanks guys, so if I’m around 12-14lb im doing good.
  4. aaron alberico

    1/8 scale boat weight

    Hey Guys, building a 1/8 scale hydro, what weight are you guys seeing with your scale boats ? R.T.R less fuel ... thanks
  5. aaron alberico

    Need contact for Frank Werner

    Hey guys anyone have a contact details for Frank Werner . Thanks
  6. aaron alberico

    And The Testing Continues

    Fastest Ive ever run in heat race trim is with ABC 1817-17-45, but my best overall prop is COCR - ABC version with little mods(Ian 😎)
  7. aaron alberico

    21 mono race

    https://youtu.be/mj8YyqC3DeQ Here is another 21 mono race I was in..
  8. aaron alberico

    HMBA NAMBA TIME TRIALS October 7th - 8th 2018

    Awesome guys, Congrats to all
  9. aaron alberico

    Are radar guns accurate for boat speed?

    I paid less then V1, Is version 2 worth the extra $?
  10. aaron alberico

    Are radar guns accurate for boat speed?

    That was with V1 but have few of the V2 also.
  11. aaron alberico

    Engineering's been busy!

    I find the 2" ball just about right for 45 size and up props, adds a nice gentle cup. Nylon capped hammer works great too. This ones's gonna be 63mm with 6.75" of LE and 7.75" of TE pitch. Lessee, mph x rpm / pi = pitch. No that ain't it. pitch / mph = rpm. Naw that ain't it either... Terry this what I use in Km per hour .. KPH/L.E pitch x 656 = rpm ( 200kph/4.5 x 656 =29155rpm) minimum rpm required for that speed. RPM x L.E pitch/ 656 = speed ( max speed you will Go at that certain rpm). 30000rpm x 4.5in /656=205.8Kph
  12. aaron alberico

    Are radar guns accurate for boat speed?

    ....So what happened after 120mph? Lol Andy were we test the lake is little small as soon as you hit the pipe your pretty much have to let off after couple seconds (no wind out) for the run down, we run straight towards us.
  13. aaron alberico

    Are radar guns accurate for boat speed?

    We back to back testing the new Futaba 7PX radio (with GPS) against a stalker pro radar gun on my SAW 40 Hydro and very pass was the same or with in 1mph at passes up to 120mph...
  14. aaron alberico

    Roadrunner gift Cert

    Sent you msg Phil
  15. aaron alberico

    Carbon fiber radio interference?

    Hi Jeff, I run carbon radio box lids on both oval and SAW boats Without an issue, but do run aerial extended out. Regards Aaron