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  1. Yep. Here's one in a fashionable swimsuit.
  2. LH7018

    Stu Barr?

    Possibly Stu but the profile shot also resembles Dirty Harry. See below. Maybe Harry Callahan raced RC boats when not ridding the world of bad guys? Maybe Stu had a secret alternate life in law enforcement? Maybe the reason Stu uses a pistol grip radio?
  3. LH7018

    90 mono

    david,what prop is a MW3 supposed to be like? have 1 brand new in the bag that mark just did for me. thanks,mike. The MW3 is an Andy Brown modified 1475 with some additional tweaks by Matt Waldron.
  4. LH7018

    Hooking DF Sniper Mono

    A couple more ideas also.... Double check that all hardware is tight, not worn out or damaged, and is aligned correctly. This includes checking for any propeller damage Check transmitter rudder settings to make sure dual rates or exponential settings were not added or altered accidentally Make sure radio box is firmly mounted with no fore- aft movement. This should include your rudder servo mounting system Check condition of receiver battery pack or swap with a known good pack Check rudder servo function and linkage or to make things easier swap with a known good one
  5. LH7018

    Name that Pipe

    Cooper pipe. IIRC they started using the dual stinger outlets around the 2006 - 2007 timeframe.
  6. LH7018

    Name that Rigger

    IIRC Harold built the Cajun Bullet
  7. LH7018

    Motor Dimensions

    From Novarossi Italy's website..... dimensions-top-engines.pdf
  8. LH7018

    Fun with Tunnels

    @Dean Johnson and others in D4....... Here are a couple pictures of Dean's father Greg Johnson and the tunnel he used to run back in the day. Pictures are circa 1985 and taken at Potawatomi Lake and Woods in Wheeling, IL. We burned many gallons of Go Pop 25% fuel back then (when fuel used to be in the metal gallon cans). You can also see his original Futaba wheel radio which he was still using as of a couple years ago.
  9. LH7018

    3/16 shafts available again

    I'll need one for my balancer Steve. Let me know if PP info is the same as before and I can send payment and shipping info.
  10. LH7018

    I got a spam PM from Robert Plege...

    Thanks Don. I had gotten the spam PM also.
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  12. LH7018


    PM sent.
  13. LH7018


    Steve Woods woodrcboatproducts.com
  14. LH7018

    CMB Purplehead .67

    CMB .67 Purplehead, smooth bearings, P/S in good shape as seen in picture. Also includes OS 9B carb, original carb with blocked off main needle valve, and NIB P/S. $225 US shipped CONUS, Paypal OK
  15. LH7018

    WTB 67 CMB Drum Housing (CAST)

    Duke, I have one with the matching drum rotor. I can bring it to the pond tomorrow if you like.