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  1. Joern Markset

    Outboard and pipe id

    That will work, but it will require very accurate machining.
  2. Joern Markset

    Outboard and pipe id

    Sorry, I thought you were in US. Then you contact Tony Kocott, he is a very nice guy. hpmrcboats@xnet.co.nz
  3. Joern Markset

    Outboard and pipe id

    Are you in US? Stu Barr - crpshtr@aol.com Andy Brown , look for contact info bottom left http://cmdracing.com/updated/main.htm
  4. Joern Markset

    Octura 1240/3

    Thank you very much
  5. Joern Markset

    Outboard and pipe id

    If I were you I would ask Stu Barr if he can provide you some parts. If Stu can’t help you may contact Mauro Braghieri directly and ask if there is any parts left for this engine. I guess Andy Brown would know a lot about this engine as well. As for the nitro I would not go any lower than 40%, you will loose too much torque. That Irwine pipe is good, don’t know which one would be the best option, both should be ok
  6. Joern Markset

    Outboard and pipe id

    I wouldn’t even bother to fire up that engine without replacing the bearings. Also check the conrod and wristpin. A good running 21 engine will need perfect bearings and wristpin. When bearings are worn it starts to eat plugs very quick. MCCoy #9 or KB HP 7300 is very good plugs. 50-60% nitro
  7. I’m aware of your rules, Ron. Was just curious if any gained som power by using another P/S. Anyway I will look into it just for fun. Our rules are quit open, only displacement is measured. But we have another BIG handicap, maximum 25% nitro.... (rules made by the government, applies to every single soul in Norway)
  8. Was just wondering if anyone does (after reducing the sleeve OD) It is legal for me
  9. Are you running the RG P/S on the XM engine?
  10. Joern Markset

    Octura 1240/3

    I`m looking for an Octura 1240/3, would like to buy one...
  11. They are equal as far as I know. Based on the old 21 RX-B engine
  12. Joern Markset

    Prestwich Model Boats, Tornado T7 Mono

    That`s correct, they are used only for Endurance. They are running counter clockwise on an M shaped course. Also they do not meet the offshore rules as they have submerged propulsion.
  13. Joern Markset

    .21 outboad Whats the best servo to suit.

    I’m using Savox SW1210SG on my .21 tunnels and Savox SW0250MG for throttle. I run all my servos open.
  14. Hey Joern;

    The mounts are ready. 65.00 ea + shipping 10.00

    total $205.00

    PayPal is vic_spm@sbcglobal.net


    Thanks again

    Capt Vic



  15. Joern Markset

    Broken Rod

    That is the rod being used on the V2. https://www.osengines.com/engines-boat/osmg1720/index.html