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  1. 153stars

    david preusse 12 cowl on a jae

    Yeah I got mine to lock in as well no hasps,magnets, nothing. I can pick the boat up with it goes in pretty easy.
  2. 153stars

    Boom tubes

    I needed some old school size alum. ones" convert to carbon too much trouble in this case" and found them Mc Master Carr, but got G10 instead there ,had to run a drill inside to open just a bit. drilled perfect. Was light and looks cool.Not sure if the size is there, but just a thought.
  3. 153stars

    favorite charger

    oops double post
  4. 153stars

    favorite charger

    I have two of the ones above sweet http://www.hobbypartz.com/60p-dyc-1003.html is another cheaper alternative as above without as nice of screen, all these #6 based chargers have same main board & program.They were at first well over $100 ,charge all my batts way better than nmhi peak chargers ever did.Will do your gel cell as well. Life is future for rec batt can't say enough about them, . I have a cheap" less than 20 shipped" 2200 lipo made for my trans. I can run easily 20hrs "on time" a charge .It's about 1/2 the weight no self discharge. I'm only running the smallest 400mah mnhi anymore in my .12 & .21 riggers every thing else life . I guess I'm saying make sure you get one that will charge them when your ready.
  5. 153stars

    battery placement and cg jae 12

    It was discucssed before that it really did not matter. I guess if the prop is unhooking more could be moved to rear, but many having using Xseries props any way.
  6. 153stars


    Was it a muffled pipe? Picco muffled .21 pipes have about 1/2 stinger on end, kinda rolled tight on to a machined end with short fatter stinger. PM me your PH# I can text you pic if you want, sorry not for sale my rigger needs more testing on it MACs made great Rs on it. CMB muffled were real square at end and painted,,,,,wait do you still have one to post pic just re-read your post,, oh well let me know if your trying to figure out what you had,have.
  7. 153stars


    We got to bump this up. ----Can we get a sticky.-----It's great chance to help a terrific family man and positive boater. Work been way scarce and tried to after treatment and was too wiped out. $5 to win new CMB VAC motor
  8. 153stars

    Info on servo's

    A lot of 1/8th buggy guys swear by airtronic servos for the price. Although the one wire & conn. is blue" no more weird airtronics plugs" I am sure it plugs in to any Rec. Just doesn't have the fut. extra spade edge. Google reviews on servo you might get some hits. EDIT I ses tunlbotr types faster than me.There you go.
  9. 153stars

    Outrigger Turn Fins

    How far down should doubler go ?
  10. 153stars

    restricting water

    What is dad size hole/???
  11. 153stars

    SGX 91RS

    Thanks Andy. Will be fun trying to open up the inner stinger. Your memory is real good .420 it is. Got to scratch my head a little on this one. Ya I did bend it a little to much at the pond. But it sure did go. Think I will hold off on propping it up till I get the hang of it. The fancy button and all the whittling on the P/S it sure seams to like the cup. the stock 1667 made it jump out of the water at launch. Just want to keep up with the new twins. David It worked!!! The RPM's were over the top. Way over the top blew the guts out of the plug seal and all. Could not catch up with the needle and burn a pin hole in the piston. Time to start over. I guess I should have mentioned to be sure to start with a richer needle setting....always a good idea when making changes to the engine/pipe. I put the Boris flow meter on it and started at 40. Just got away from me. The link on the needle fell off and that was all see wrote. It wants to rev to the moon though. I just have to learn better needle management. I am very bad at it when it starts to sing and my heart starts pumping. Didn't stick the piston any way. The mods work on the 91 the same as on my 45. I'll get it next time. Maybe? Got a 1.00 EVO P/S to use just need the button. Think I'll wait till I get the hang of it before I go there. Hope Stu gives me the volume discount. Andy you have any headers for a 91RS in the SGX? David Lose the 3rd channel needle deal ..when you have real power ..DONT NEED IT !!!! :) Tom You know I think that would be the best thing I could ever do. Can't mess with the needle if I don't have a button to push. David Can set EPA on radio so as not to over lean ,fine line as it is , but the needle probably had way too much room for leaning left in it.
  12. 153stars

    vacume pump

    I hope you get a qualified answer , when I was thinking of doing some cowls I googled vacuum forming found a forum-forums and tons of ideas, deals ect. some were using a small vacuum cleaner for fast pull down and then high vac pump pull down tight.
  13. 153stars

    Which .21 OB Silencer???

    I like the ones 707 specialties has, tried .21 & .45 mufflers. The only one I tried when my areotech/nelson was running that didn't hold it back, sounds great too. Any thing over .45 on inboard pipe might be over Db from what I have heard. so far so good on .21 ib. My .21 IB are JB weld on only no clamp & .45ob I made an adapter to fit stinger instead over the end of irwin pipe. . You can legally run internal stinger to quiet it down, pics on IMPBA sight. I have that the OB can benefit on better heat in pipe with internal stinger.Make sure there is a drain hole in brass tube, right before the end of the pipes cone" use bent wire to get it lined up".
  14. 153stars

    What tank or tanks in 3.5 vision

    Thanks to all, I never planned to do 3.5 OB but got a deal so I'm going cheap on this build. Love to have a Walt tank but $ is going,going,gone elsewhere. I thought the canopy was too narrow for standard 6-8 tanks.
  15. 153stars

    Novarossi of America

    I have a used toro nero to try. Been wanting to try one since, I saw one run 1/8 scale oval cars it made all other motors look stupid " like it was full on pipe at all PRMs"