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  1. A/A Engines is now importing the BZM 27cc gasoiline Marine engine. The complete engine is available with exhaust header, tuned pipe and muffler or without the tuned pipe and muffler. Contact "double-aceracingproducts.com", Ron Shaw, or "hobbsmt@prodigy.net" to order one of these engines. These are beautifully machined engines of the highest quality. I saw these engines run at the NAMBA Nats this year and the boats ( monos ) were running in the low 60's MPH with the 80 db pipe and muffler. Quite impressive!
  2. Hi Ron,

          I was down at Smithfield running boats with the guys Sunday. Donnie Pagett wants one of these new BZM 27's. If you would, get with him and let him know all of the particulars in getting one of these. His cell number is ( 757 )-485-5779 in case you don't have his number.

         Hope you and your family had a nice Christmas. Happy New Year, my friend!




  3. Happy Birthday, Henry! Hope you have many more to come your way........... Dick Tyndall
  4. El Zorro

    Happy Birthday Olly Douglas

    Happy Birthday, Olly! Hope you have a great day! Here's wishing you and Rissa a Happy and healthy New Year! Had a lot of fun with you and the guys in Texas back in October. We'll have to do that again! Dick Tyndall
  5. El Zorro

    Happy birthday Dick Tyndall

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys. Spent some time in the shop catching up on things. Always nice to have another birthday....... Dick
  6. El Zorro

    Happy Birthday Mike Hughes

    Better late than never........Happy Birthday, Mike! Dick Tyndall
  7. El Zorro

    2018 IMPBA Fall Nationals

    Jeni, did you get me down for ( 1 ) XL Tshirt? I will bring some items for the raffle. Dick Tyndall
  8. I'm going to have to miss this one also. With the chance of lots of rain, high winds, flooding and probably the loss of power, no way I can leave home. We'll catch the next one. Dick Tyndall
  9. El Zorro

    IMPBA World Records 4 01 1995

    Andy Brown was the first person in IMPBA to put together back to back runs over 100 MPH for an official record. That is why, as IMPBA President at the time, I had a special plaque made up to recognize this great accomplishment. It was given to him by the IMPBA Board of Directors. If you go to Andy's website you will see a picture of this plaque. Well deserved, I might add! Dick Tyndall
  10. Happy Birthday, Joe! Hope you have a great day! Dick Tyndall
  11. Once you center up the dog to drill the set screw hole, just drill all the way through the dog and run the tap all the way through, also. Use plenty of Tap Magic, lubricant, etc. when you do this! Thanks for doing these, Timmy! Dick Tyndall
  12. Happy Birthday, Paul! It was good to see you back in July when you were over here for the Nitro Nats. Congrats on your wins there. Have a great day, mate and we'll see you in October! Dick Tyndall
  13. Add a second set screw 180 degrees from the first one and add a small 45 degree angle to the front edge of the dog. Also, use short set screws ( 1/8 inch long ) with cup seat, not a serrated one. Always put them in with red Loctite. Thanks for making these, Tim! Dick Tyndall
  14. El Zorro


    Happy Birthday, Ron! Hope you have a great day today! Dick Tyndall
  15. El Zorro

    Happy Birthday Dave Roach

    A day late but Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one! Dick Tyndall
  16. El Zorro

    Happy Birthday Zaker Sr!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Zaker! Wishing you many more. Have a great day! Dick Tyndall
  17. El Zorro

    Silent Engines Tom Driver

    So sorry to hear about Tom's passing. I always enjoyed seeing and speaking with he and Cindy at the races. Great people. My prayers go out to Cindy and the family. Dick Tyndall
  18. Charles, Virginia Craftsman would like to sponsor the Super Sport Mono class. I will also have raffle items available. A big "Thank you" goes out to the Baltimore club for stepping up to do this at an excellent racing site! Dick Tyndall
  19. El Zorro

    2018 World Championships in France

    Best of luck at the races! Have a fun and safe trip, guys. Dick Tyndall
  20. El Zorro

    Happy Birthday to Mike Schindler

    Happy Birthday, Mike! Have a great day! Sorry that I will miss the race next week. Dick Tyndall
  21. As some of you already know, Priscilla passed away early last Monday morning. I knew it was going to happen but you just never expect that it's right around the corner. Thankfully she is at peace now and the demons from the nicotine and alcohol have gone away.I thank God that our two kids are here for me and are helping me get through this. I am also thankful for the many friends, most of them from the model boating community, who have reached out with their support. I would surely be lost without them. Priscilla played an important part in getting IMPBA back on track when she was it's secretary back around 1998, 1999 and part of 2000. I won't go into any detail, but those of you who were members at that time know how she helped IMPBA. She pretty much by herself organized IMPBA's 50th International Regatta in 1999 and ran the AMB lap counting system for the entire week at the race in Huntsville, Alabama. She called manufacturers and sponsors for more than 6 months before the race and we ended up with so much stuff that we gave away items each day of the race to the racers. The IMPBA cleared well over $4,000 for the race. I hope those of you who knew her will remember some of the good things that she did in this life. I know she is with her Mom and Dad now, and I will always see her with a smile on her face. My thanks go out to all of you who have reached out with your support and I will see you at the races. Dick Tyndall
  22. El Zorro

    Happy Birthday Randy Rap

    Happy Birthday, Randy! Hope you had a great day! Dick Tyndall
  23. El Zorro

    2018 IMPBA Fall Nationals

    Hi Jeni, Virginia Craftsman would like to sponsor the LSG Classic Thunderboat class. Let me know where to PayPal payment to. I will also bring items for the raffle. Dick Tyndall
  24. El Zorro

    Ray Sametz

    Happy Birthday, Brother! Air Biscuit
  25. El Zorro

    Pork chop Pete turns 50 today!

    I'm a day late but Happy Birthday Pete! Dick Tyndall